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Wu Chun
Wu Chun
Chinese: 吳尊; pinyin: Wú Zūn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Gô͘ Chun; born Goh Kiat Chun on 10 October 1979) is a Bruneian actor, singer, and model. He was a member of Fahrenheit, a Taiwanese Mandopop
vocal quartet boy band, from its debut in 2005 to June 2011 singing bass. Wu has appeared in several Taiwanese television series, such as Tokyo Juliet (2006), Hanazakarino Kimitachihe
Hanazakarino Kimitachihe
(2006), Romantic Princess (2007), Hot Shot (2008), Sunshine Angel
Sunshine Angel
(2011), and Kindaichi Case Files (2012-2013). In 2014, he appeared in the reality television program, Dad is Back
Dad is Back
with his daughter, Nei Nei. His film appearances include The Butterfly Lovers (2008), Lady of the Dynasty
Lady of the Dynasty
(2014). In 2016, he was cast in the Chinese drama, Martial Universe. As a model, Wu has appeared in magazines, such as Esquire, Elle for Men, Men's Health Magazine, Harper's BAZAAR Magazine, GQ, and Reader's Digest. He is a business owner in the Brunei
fitness and health industry. His businesses include Bake Culture ( Taiwan
based artisan bakery), The Energy Kitchen (creativity healthy gourmet), Fitness Zone (largest and biggest health club in Brunei
since 2003),[1] and WoMen Hair Salon (team of professionals for international celebrities). In China, he is the director of TV commercial advertisements for InterContinental Hotel. Wu Chun
Wu Chun
has a number of commercial and charitable endorsements.[2]


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Life and career[edit] Wu Chun
Wu Chun
studied in Chung Hwa Middle School in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. He graduated from the RMIT University
RMIT University
in Melbourne, Australia, with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He played for Brunei's National Basketball Team. Prior to joining Fahrenheit, Chun worked as a model for Yilin in Taiwan
and Diva Models in Singapore. He is the managing director of Fitness Zone, a family-owned health club in Brunei. Wu Chun
Wu Chun
has received an Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) Young Entrepreneur of The Year (2008), CQE Geneva QC Total Quality Management Model Award (2012), APEA Corporate Social Responsibility Award (2013). In 2015, Hassanal Bolkiah, the King of Brunei, presented to Wu Chun
Wu Chun
an Excellent Youth Award.[3] Wu Chun
Wu Chun
was chosen to be an ambassador for Brunei
Anti Narcotic Drug Association in 2012. In 2014 he became the international brand ambassador of Royal Brunei
Airlines[4][5][6] and as a Taiwan
tourism ambassador.[7] On June 24, 2016, Wu Chun
Wu Chun
became an ambassador of goodwill for a charity concert dedicated for children and athletes with special needs. Personal life[edit] Wu Chun
Wu Chun
and his family live in Brunei.[8][9][10] Wu Chun
Wu Chun
is the nephew of the Legislative Council of Brunei's MP Goh King Chin. Philanthropy[edit] In Brunei, Wu Chun
Wu Chun
supports blood donation campaigns twice a year, environmental campaigns, and the disadvantaged. In May 2015 and 2016, he organized an inaugural and second female run in Brunei, "She Runs". All proceeds were donated to Yayasan Kanser Kanak Kanak (YASKA) or the Children's Cancer Foundation. Wu Chun
Wu Chun
made a 10-hour road trip from Qinghai
to small villages in China
to bestow and pledge medical supplies and sports equipment.[11] which raised $68,000 for its beneficiaries, Special
Olympics Brunei
Darussalam[12] In September 2016, was the goodwill ambassador of the Roots and Wings Charity Concert in Brunei. The concert raised about 43,000 BND for the Special Olympics Brunei
Darussalam and La vida Bhd. Discography[edit] Main article: Fahrenheit discography As a member of Fahrenheit, Wu Chun
Wu Chun
released four studio Mandarin albums and three Japanese singles. Filmography[edit] See also: Fahrenheit filmography Films[edit]

Year English title Original title Role Notes

2009 The Butterfly Lovers 武俠梁祝 Liang Zhongshan

2010 14 Blades 錦衣衛 Judge of the Sands

2011 My Kingdom 大武生 Yilong

Magic to Win 開心魔法 Ling Fung / Earth Magician

2012 Saving General Yang 忠烈楊家將 Yang Liulang

2014 Lady of the Dynasty 王朝的女人·楊貴妃

2018 Guardians of the Tomb 謎巢 Luke A Chinese-Australian co-production

My Other Home 纽约人在北京


Year English title Original title Role Notes

2005 KO One 终极一班 Tian Hong Guang / Wu Shizun Cameo

2006 Tokyo Juliet 東方茱麗葉 Ji Fengliang

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe 花樣少年少女 Zuo Yiquan

2007 Romantic Princess 公主小妹 Nanfeng Jin

The X-Family 終極一家 Fire Ambassador Cameo

2008 Hot Shot 籃球火 Wuji Zun

2011 Sunshine Angel 陽光天使 Di Yaxin

2013 Kindaichi Case Files 金田一 Li Byron

Happy 300 Days 遇見幸福300天 Idol Cameo

2014 Kindaichi Case Files
Kindaichi Case Files
Pt. 2 金田一少年之事件簿 Li Byron

2017 Martial Universe 武动乾坤 Lin Langtian

2018 North Palace 北宫

Variety show[edit]

Year English title Original title Notes

2014 Dad is Back 爸爸回来了 Cast member alongside with daughter Nei Nei

2017 Daddy Where Are You Going Season 5 爸爸去哪儿 第5季 Cast member alongside with daughter Nei Nei and son Max

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Result

2006 TVB8 Awards: Bronze: Best Group Won

HK Metro Hits Awards: Best Foreign Newcomer Won

AF Golden Globes 2006: Taiwan's Most Improved Actor Won

2007 Top Song, TVB8 Awards: "Really Like You" 超喜歡你 Won

Sprite Awards: Most Popular Idol Group (Taiwan) Won

Sprite Awards: "Only Have Feelings For You" 只對你有感覺 Favourite Duet Song Won

Sprite Awards: Best Group ( Taiwan
& Hong Kong) Won

13th Chinese Music Awards: Best New Group Won

KKBOX Music Charts: "Only Have Feelings For You" 只對你有感覺: Top 20 Songs of the Year Won

KKBOX Music Charts: " Hanazakarino Kimitachihe
Hanazakarino Kimitachihe
Original Soundtrack" 花樣少年少女: Best Drama Soundtrack Won

HITO Music Awards 2007: Best Male Group Won


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