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A VIDEO GAME PRODUCER is the person in charge of overseeing development of a video game .


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The earliest documented use of the term producer in games was by Trip Hawkins , who established the position when he founded Electronic Arts in 1982. Hawkins said in 1983:

Producers basically manage the relationship with the artist. They find the talent, work out product deals, get contracts signed, manage them, and bring them to their conclusion. The producers do most of the things that a product manager does. They don't do the marketing, which in some cases product managers do. They don't make decisions about packaging and merchandising, but they do get involved ... they're a little like book editors, a little bit like film producers, and a lot like product managers.

Sierra On-Line 's 1982 computer game Time Zone may be the first to list credits for "Producer" and "Executive Producer". As of late 1983 Electronic Arts had five producers: A product marketer and two others from Hawkins' former employer Apple ("good at working with engineering people"), one former IBM salesman and executive recruiter, and one product marketer from Automated Simulations ; it popularized the use of the title in the industry. Hawkins' vision—influenced by his relationship with Jerry Moss —was that producers would manage artists and repertoire in the same way as in the music business, and Hawkins brought in record producers from A">

Employers typically require three plus years of experience, since a producer has to have gone through the development cycle several times to really understand how unpredictable the business is. The most common path to becoming a video game producer begins by first working as a game tester, then moving up the quality assurance ladder, and then eventually on to production. This is easier to accomplish if one stays with the same studio, reaping the benefits of having built relationships with the production department.


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