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County (Croatian: Varaždinska županija) is a county in northern Croatia. It is named after its county seat, the city of Varaždin.


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Geography[edit] The county contains Varaždin
the city, Ivanec, Ludbreg, Lepoglava, Novi Marof
Novi Marof
and Varaždinske Toplice, as well as 22 municipalities. It covers an area of 1,262 square kilometres (487 sq mi) and had a population of 175 951 in the 2011 census. Varaždin
County borders Slovenia
to the northwest, Međimurje County to the north, Krapina-Zagorje County
Krapina-Zagorje County
to the southwest, Zagreb
County to the south, and Koprivnica-Križevci County
Koprivnica-Križevci County
to the southeast, with a small portion of the latter separating it from Hungary. The Drava
flows along the northern border of the county. There are three reservoirs on the river – Lake Ormož, Lake Varaždin
and Lake Dubrava. All of them are partially located within the county. Another river flowing through the county is the Bednja, which also confluences with the Drava
within the county. There are also the mountains of Ivanščica
(also known as Ivančica) and Kalnik. Transport[edit] The highway A4 (part of Pan-European Corridor Vb and European route E65) passes through the county, connecting the Hungarian border (in the north) with Zagreb
(in the south), and which has exits in Varaždin, Varaždinske Toplice
Varaždinske Toplice
and Novi Marof. In the longitudinal (east-west) direction, a magistral road passes along the Drava
river, spanning from Maribor
(Slovenia) to Osijek. Railways (not yet modernised) passing through the county lead to Zagreb
in the south, Čakovec
and Budapest
(Hungary) in the north and Koprivnica
in the east. Economy[edit] Varaždin
County today represents an important Croatian region with intense industrial and commercial activities and a strong financial sector. The high quality of products and services provided by county's firms are guarantors of the county's successful economic development on the global market in the future. The economy of Varaždin
County is focused on the manufacturing industry, particularly on the following industrial branches: milk products processing, beverage production, meat packing industry, clothing and textiles industry, metal manufacturing industry, leather footwear industry, manufacturing of high-quality wood furniture and other lumber products. Varaždin
County is one of few Croatian counties that have a higher export than import. Administrative division[edit] Varaždin
county is divided into:

City of Varaždin
(county seat) Town of Ludbreg Town of Lepoglava Town of Ivanec Town of Novi Marof Town of Varaždinske Toplice Municipality of Bednja Municipality of Beretinec Municipality of Breznica Municipality of Breznički Hum Municipality of Cestica Municipality of Donja Voća Municipality of Donji Martijanec Municipality of Gornji Kneginec Municipality of Jalžabet Municipality of Klenovnik Municipality of Ljubešćica Municipality of Mali Bukovec Municipality of Maruševec Municipality of Petrijanec Municipality of Sračinec Municipality of Sveti Đurđ Municipality of Sveti Ilija Municipality of Trnovec Bartolovečki Municipality of Veliki Bukovec Municipality of Vidovec Municipality of Vinica Municipality of Visoko


Historical populations of Varaždin

Year Pop. ±%

1857 87,960 —    

1869 99,194 +12.8%

1880 105,612 +6.5%

1890 120,397 +14.0%

1900 131,849 +9.5%

1910 144,720 +9.8%

1921 147,524 +1.9%

1931 159,767 +8.3%

Year Pop. ±%

1948 174,682 +9.3%

1953 177,352 +1.5%

1961 179,905 +1.4%

1971 184,380 +2.5%

1981 187,495 +1.7%

1991 187,853 +0.2%

2001 184,769 −1.6%

2011 175,951 −4.8%

Source: Naselja i stanovništvo Republike Hrvatske 1857–2001, Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Zagreb, 2005

According to the 2011 census, Varaždin
County has a population of 175,951.[2] Ethnic Croats
make up a majority with 97.9% of the population.[3] See also[edit]

Roman Catholic Diocese of Varaždin


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Subdivisions of Varaždin

Cities and towns

Ivanec Lepoglava Ludbreg Novi Marof Varaždin
(seat) Varaždinske Toplice


Bednja Beretinec Breznica Breznički Hum Cestica Donja Voća Gornji Kneginec Jalžabet Klenovnik Ljubešćica Mali Bukovec Martijanec Maruševec Petrijanec Sračinec Sveti Đurđ Sveti Ilija Trnovec Bartolovečki Veliki Bukovec Vidovec Vinica Visoko

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