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The 1244 Siege of Jerusalem
took place after the Sixth Crusade, when the Khwarezmians conquered the city on July 15, 1244. Sequence of events[edit] Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor
Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor
led the Sixth Crusade to the Holy Land in 1228, and claimed the kingship of Jerusalem
by right of his wife, Queen Yolande of Jerusalem, who had inherited the title of 'Queen of Jerusalem' from her mother, Maria of Montferrat, the wife of John of Brienne.[citation needed] The size of Frederick II's army and his reputation was sufficient to regain Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth
and a number of neighbouring castles by treaty from the Ayyubid
Al-Kamil. However, Jerusalem did not remain for long in Christian hands, as there was not enough Christian-held hinterland to make it defensible.[citation needed] The Ayyubids invited the free-roaming Khwarazmian clans, whose empire had been destroyed by the Mongols, to reconquer the city. In the siege and subsequent fall of the city in August, 1244, the Khwarezmians completely razed Jerusalem, leaving it in ruins and useless to both Christians and Muslims.[citation needed] The Seventh Crusade
Seventh Crusade
under Louis IX of France
Louis IX of France
was motivated by this massacre, but it accomplished little except to play a part in the process of replacement of the Ayyubid
sultans with the more powerful Mamluks, who were the Crusaders' main opponents in 1250.[citation needed] External links[edit]

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