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In many baby name books, Shelley
is listed as meaning "From the meadow on the ledge" or "clearing on a bank" sometimes truthful and pretty. It is Old English in origin. As with many other names (Courtney, Lindsey, etc.), Shelley
is today a name given almost exclusively to girls after historically being male. Shelley
is also a transferred surname used by those in Essex, Suffolk and Yorkshire, particularly in settlements where a wood/clearing was beside a ledge or hillside. Shelly is a common alternative spelling. Notable people with the name include the following.


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Adolphus Edward Shelley (1812–1854), the first Auditor-General in British Hong Kong Alex Shelley
Alex Shelley
(born 1983), stage name of American wrestler Patrick Martin Alexander Shelley
Alexander Shelley
(born 1979), English conductor Arthur Shelley (fl.1905), British footballer Barbara Shelley (born 1932), English actress Bert Shelley (1899–1971), English footballer Brian Shelley (born 1981), Irish footballer Burke Shelley
Burke Shelley
(born 1947), British musician, member of rock group Budgie Sir Bysshe Shelley, 1st Baronet (1731–1815), grandfather of Percy Bysshe Shelley Carla Shelley, film producer Carole Shelley
Carole Shelley
(born 1939), English actress Cindy Shelley (born 1960), British actress Danny Shelley (born 1990), English footballer David Shelley
David Shelley
(1957–2015), American blues rock musician Deck Shelley (1906–1968), American football player Elbert Shelley (born 1964), American football player Sir Frederic Shelley, 8th Baronet
Sir Frederic Shelley, 8th Baronet
(1809–1869), cleric and landowner George Shelley (singer)
George Shelley (singer)
(born 1993), English singer, member of group Union J George Ernest Shelley (1840–1910), English geologist and ornithologist George M. Shelley
George M. Shelley
(1849–1927), Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri Gerard Shelley
Gerard Shelley
(1891–1980), British linguist, author and translator Gladys Shelley (1911–2003), American lyricist and composer Harry Rowe Shelley (1858–1947), American composer Howard Shelley (born 1950), British pianist and conductor Hugh Shelley, American baseball player of the 1930s and 1940s Jack Shelley (footballer) (1905–1979), Australian footballer James Shelley (1884–1961), New Zealand university professor Jeremy Shelley
Jeremy Shelley
(born 1990), American football placekicker Jim Shelley
(other), multiple people Jody Shelley
Jody Shelley
(born 1976), Canadian ice hockey player Joe Shelley (1892–1966), Australian footballer John Shelley
(other), multiple people Joshua Shelley (1920–1990), American actor Kate Shelley
Kate Shelley
(1863–1912), Irish-born US railroad heroine Kenneth Shelley (born 1951), American figure skater Kevin Shelley (born 1955), American politician Lee Shelley (born 1956), American fencer Lilian Shelley
Lilian Shelley
(1892–c.1933), English music hall entertainer Louise Shelley, American university professor Martha Shelley (born 1943), American writer Mary Shelley
Mary Shelley
(1797–1851), English writer, author of the novel Frankenstein Mary Michael Shelley (born 1950), American folk artist Michael Shelley
(other), multiple people Nancy Shelley (died 2010), Australian peace activist Norman Shelley (1903–1980), English actor Paul Shelley (born 1942), English actor Paul Shelley (politician) (born 1959), Canadian politician Percy Shelley (potter) (1860–1937), English potter Percy Bysshe Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley
(1792–1822), English poet, husband of Mary Shelley Percy Florence Shelley
Percy Florence Shelley
(1819–1889), son of Percy Bysshe Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley
and Mary Shelley Pete Shelley
Pete Shelley
(born 1955), English musician, lead singer of the Buzzcocks Peter Shelley, British 1970s pop singer Rachel Shelley (born 1969), English actress Rebecca Shelley
Rebecca Shelley
(1887–1984), American pacifist Rex Shelley (1930–2009), Eurasian Singaporean author Richard Shelley
Richard Shelley
(died c.1586), English Catholic under Elizabeth I Richard Shelley
Richard Shelley
(Grand Prior) (c.1513–c.1589), English diplomat Rick Shelley (1947–2001), American science fiction writer Ronald G. Shelley (1932–2003), philatelist Samuel Shelley
Samuel Shelley
(1750–1808), English miniaturist and water-colour painter Sidney Patrick Shelley (1880–1965), relative of Percy Bysshe Shelley Steve Shelley
Steve Shelley
(born 1962), American drummer, member of group Sonic Youth Timothy Shelley (1753–1844), English politician, father of Percy Bysshe Shelley Walter Shelley, 17th-century politician, colonist of Jamestown, Virginia Wanda Shelley (born 1969), American television producer Sir William Shelley (c.1480–1549), English judge Shelley

Given name[edit]

Berman, American comedian and actor Shelley
Chaplin, Australian wheelchair basketball player Shelley
Duncan, former baseball player Shelley
Duvall, American actress Shelley
Hennig, American actress Shelley
Jensen, American television director and producer Shelley
Long, American actress Shelley
Malil, Indian American actor Shelley
Rudman, British athlete Shelley
Sandie, Australian basketball player Shelley
Tanaka, Canadian author and editor Shelley
Winters, American actress

Code name[edit]

F. F. E. Yeo-Thomas, S.O.E. operative had "SHELLEY" as a code name during World War II

Fictional characters[edit]

James Shelley, the title character of Shelley
(TV series) Shelley
Levene, a main character in the stage play Glengarry Glen Ross, and the 1992 film of the same name Shelley
Marsh, a secondary character on the Comedy Central show South Park Shelley
Unwin, a character in the British TV series Coronation Street Shelley
Winters, a main character in the popular webcomic Scary Go Round Shelly Johnson, one of the main characters in Twin Peaks


(tortoise), a tortoise on Blue Peter

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