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Robert Crittenden (January 1, 1797 – December 18, 1834) was an attorney and politician. In his capacity as territorial secretary, he served as acting Governor of Arkansas
Territory. He was a co-founder of the Rose Law Firm.


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Early life and education[edit] Robert Crittenden was born near Versailles, Kentucky, in the Bluegrass Region, into a political family. He was the son of John Crittenden, a planter who was a Major in the Continental Army and a member of the Virginia
House of Burgesses. His brother John Jordan Crittenden
John Jordan Crittenden
later served as United States Senator. His great-nephew Thomas T. Crittenden, Jr. became Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. Robert was educated privately and read the law as a legal apprentice to prepare for passing the bar. Political career[edit] Crittenden was appointed as Secretary of Arkansas Territory
Arkansas Territory
from 1819 to 1829. He served as acting Governor of Arkansas
while James Miller was delayed for an extended period en route to Arkansas. Although never officially appointed as governor, Crittenden called the first territorial legislature into session and took responsibility for organizing the new territory. He amassed considerable political power. Crittenden was a primary leader in preparing the territory for statehood. He was appointed as United States Commissioner for negotiating the 1824 Treaty with the Quapaw
Indians. By 1827 Crittenden and his former friend, Henry Wharton Conway, a Territorial Representative, had come into conflict on political issues and finally had a duel. He mortally wounded Conway near Napoleon, Arkansas
on October 29, 1827, who died several days later. Crittenden lived at the end of his life in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Legacy and honors[edit] Crittenden County, Arkansas
Crittenden County, Arkansas
is named for him.[1] See also[edit]

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^ Gannett, Henry (1905). The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States. Govt. Print. Off. p. 96. 

Political offices

Preceded by George Izard Territorial Governor of Arkansas 1836–1840 Succeeded by John Pope

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Governors of Arkansas

Territory (1819–1836)

J. Miller Izard Crittenden Pope Fulton

State (since 1836)

J. Conway Yell Adams Drew Byrd Roane E. Conway Rector Fletcher Flanagin Murphy Clayton Hadley Baxter Brooks* Baxter Garland W. Miller Churchill Berry Hughes Eagle Fishback Clarke Jones Davis Little Moore Pindall Martin Donaghey Robinson Oldham Futrell Hays Brough McRae Terral Martineau Parnell Futrell Bailey Adkins Laney McMath Cherry Faubus Rockefeller Bumpers Riley Pryor Purcell Clinton White Clinton Tucker Huckabee Beebe Hutchinson

Italics indicates acting governor * Disputed; see Brooks-Baxter War

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Rose Law Firm


Robert Crittenden Chester Ashley

Prominent partners

Hillary Clinton Webster Hubbell Vince Foster William H. Kennedy, III George C. Watkins Uriah M. Rose

Prominent clients

Walmart Tyson Foods Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette Bank of America WEHCO Media Stephens Inc.

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