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Phraortes (from Old Persian: 𐎳𐎼𐎺𐎼𐎫𐎡𐏁, Fravartiš,[1][2] or Frâda via Ancient Greek
Ancient Greek
Φραόρτης; died c. 653 BC), son of Deioces, was the second king of the Median Empire. Like his father Deioces, Phraortes started wars against Assyria, but was defeated and killed by Ashurbanipal, the king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire (668 – c. 627 BC). All information about him is from Herodotus. According to him (1.102), Phraortes was the son of Deioces
and united all Median tribes into a single state. He also subjugated the Persians and Parthians
while still a vassal of the Assyrian kings Esarhaddon
and Ashurbanipal, and began to conquer other nations of Ancient Iran. After a rule of twenty-two years (c. 675 – c. 653 BC), he fell in battle against the Assyrians, who reasserted their subjugation of the Medes, Persians and Parthians. However, some scholars assume that he ruled for fifty-three years, c. 678 – c. 625. Phraortes is commonly identified with Kashtariti, a chieftain in Media, although some scholars consider such an identification doubtful.[3] References[edit]

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Phraortes  Died: c. 653 BC

Regnal titles

Preceded by Deioces King of Media c. 675 BC – c. 653 BC Succeeded by Madius

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Family tree

Median (728–550 BC)

Deioces Phraortes Madius Cyaxares Astyages

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Battles involving Lydia

Eclipse of Thales

Battles involving Persia

Persian Revolt Battle of Hyrba Battle of the Persian Border Siege of Pasargadae
Hill Battle of Pasargadae Fall of Ecbatana


Deioces Phraortes Madius Cyaxares Astyages Cyaxares

Other Medians

Amytis of Media Artembares Datis Gubaru Mazares Aryenis Mandane

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