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PHRAORTES (from Old Persian : 𐎳𐎼𐎺𐎼𐎫𐎡𐏁, Fravartiš, or Frâda via Ancient Greek
Ancient Greek
Φραόρτης; died c. 653 BC), son of Deioces , was the second king of the Median Empire
Median Empire

Like his father Deioces, Phraortes started wars against Assyria
, but was defeated and killed by Ashurbanipal
, the king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire (668 – c. 627 BC).

All information about him is from Herodotus
. According to him (1.102), Phraortes was the son of Deioces and united all Median tribes into a single state. He also subjugated the Persians and Parthians while still a vassal of the Assyrian kings Esarhaddon
and Ashurbanipal , and began to conquer other nations of Ancient Iran
Ancient Iran
. After a rule of twenty-two years (c. 675 – c. 653 BC), he fell in battle against the Assyrians , who reasserted their subjugation of the Medes, Persians and Parthians. However, some scholars assume that he ruled for fifty-three years, c. 678 – c. 625. Phraortes is commonly identified with Kashtariti , a chieftain in Media, although some scholars consider such an identification doubtful.


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