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O\'REILLY (Irish : Ó RAGHALLAIGH) is a group of families, ultimately all of Irish Gaelic origin, who were historically the kings of East Bréifne in what is today County Cavan
County Cavan
. The clan were part of the Connachta
's Uí Briúin
Uí Briúin
Bréifne kindred and were closely related to the Ó Ruairc (O'Rourkes) of West Bréifne . O'Reilly is ranked tenth in the top twenty list of Irish surnames.

It is also the patronymic form of the Irish name Reilly (Irish Gaelic : Uí Raghaile). It is commonly found throughout Ireland, with the greatest concentration of the surname found in County Cavan
County Cavan
followed by Longford, Meath, Westmeath, Fermanagh and Monaghan, and the Province of Leinster .


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Ó Raghallaigh Ní Raghallaigh Bean Uí Raghallaigh Uí Raghallaigh


It is usually anglicised as Reilly , Riley and O'Reilly. The original form of the name, Ó Raghallaigh, denotes "from/of Raghallach", the name Raghallach thought to be derived from the compounds ragh (meaning "race") and ceallach (meaning "sociable").

The Ó Raghallaigh family were part of the Connachta
, with the eponymous Raghallach said to have died at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. The family became the kings of East Breifne , modern-day County Cavan and County Longford .

The name is common and widespread throughout Ireland, ranked 8th most common in 1890 and 11th in 1996.



People with the surname O'Reilly include:

* Alejandro O\'Reilly (1722–1794), second Spanish governor of colonial Louisiana * Bernard O\'Reilly (1903–1975), located the wreck of a Stinson aircraft in the McPherson Range, Australia, 1937 * Bernard O\'Reilly (bishop of Hartford) (1803–1856), Roman Catholic bishop * Bernard O\'Reilly (bishop of Liverpool) (1824–1894), Roman Catholic bishop * Bill O\'Reilly (1949–), American commentator and television show host of The O\'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel * Bill O\'Reilly , Australian cricketer * Bob O\'Reilly , Australian rugby league footballer * Caitriona O\'Reilly , poet and critic * Cal O\'Reilly , Canadian ice hockey player * Cameron O\'Reilly , Irish and Australian businessman * Charles O\'Reilly (died 1800), Roman Catholic Bishop of Kilmore from 1798 to 1800. * Danny O\'Reilly , Lead singer of Irish band, The Coronas * David O\'Reilly , several people including

* David O\'Reilly , film director and artist * David J. O\'Reilly , Chairman and CEO of Chevron Corporation

* Dermot O\'Reilly (1942–2007), Singer and songwriter in band Ryan\'s Fancy , contributed strongly to the Music of Newfoundland and Labrador . * Des O\'Reilly (1954–2016), Australian rugby league player * Emily O\'Reilly , Irish journalist * Emma O\'Reilly , Irish physiotherapist and cycling soigneur , bullied and sued by Lance Armstrong . * Finbarr O\'Reilly , Canadian photographer * Gary O\'Reilly , English footballer * Genevieve O\'Reilly , Irish actress * Heather O\'Reilly (1985–), American soccer player * Hugh Reily (1630–1695), Irish M.P. and political author * Ian O\'Reilly , (1999–), Actor "Moone Boy" * James Reilly (Canadian politician)
James Reilly (Canadian politician)
(1835–1909), Canadian businessman and politician from Alberta * James O\'Reilly , American Roman Catholic priest * John Reyly (recte O'Reilly) (c.1646 – 17 February 1717) was an M.P. for Cavan County (Parliament of Ireland constituency) in the Parliament of Ireland of 1689, known as the Patriot Parliament. * John O'Reilly, Leader of The Saint Patrick\'s Battalion of Mexico * John O\'Reilly (1940–), Canadian politician from Ontario * Joseph O\'Reilly , Irish politician * Kyle O\'Reilly (1987–), ring name of Canadian professional wrestler Kyle Greenwood * Leonora O\'Reilly , an American feminist * Luke O\' Reilly (other) * Mary Margaret O\'Reilly , Assistant Director of the United States Bureau of the Mint from 1924 to 1938 * Margaret M. O'Reilly (1962– ), Irish-born, American art curator, New Jersey State Museum * Matthew O\'Reilly , Irish politician and farmer * Peter O\'Reilly (civil servant) (1827–1905), settler and official in the Colony of British Columbia * Peter O\'Reilly (hurler) (1902–1940), Irish hurler * Philip O\'Reilly (c.1600–1655), M.P. for County Cavan * Philip Og O\'Reilly (c. 1640–1703) was an M.P. for Cavan Borough in the Parliament of Ireland of 1689, known as the Patriot Parliament. * Philip Reyley (recte O'Reilly) (b. c.1630 – d. after 1689) was an M.P. for Cavan County (Parliament of Ireland constituency) in the Parliament of Ireland of 1689, known as the Patriot Parliament. * Randall C. O\'Reilly (1967–), professor of psychology, developer of Leabra * Robert O\'Reilly (1950–), American actor * Ryan O\'Reilly (ice hockey) (1991–), Canadian ice hockey player * Ryan O\'Reilly (wrestler) (1980–), American professional wrestler * Samuel O\'Reilly (19th century), American inventor * Stephen O'Reilly (1964–) (better known as Stephen Egerton ), American musician * Stephen O\'Reilly , American actor * Stephen O\'Reilly , Australian footballer * Terry O\'Reilly , hockey player * Tom O\'Reilly (1915–1995), Irish Fianna Fáil politician * Tim O\'Reilly (1954–), founder of O'Reilly Media * Tom O\'Reilly (1915–1995), Irish gaelic footballer and politician * Tom O\'Reilly Irish Sinn Féin politician * Tom O\'Reilly , Papua New Guinea international * Tony O\'Reilly (1936–), Irish businessman * Valli O\'Reilly , Makeup artist * Walter Cresswell O\'Reilly (1877–1954), Australian Commonwealth Film Censor and founding President of the National Trust of Australia * O\'Reilly Lords of Bréifne c.1161–1607


* Christopher O\'Riley (born 1956), American classical pianist and public radio show host * Don O\'Riley (1945–1997), Major League Baseball pitcher * Bunny Wailer (born 1947), reggae musician sometimes known as Bunny O'Riley * Jon Riley (1824–1879), US army deserter also known as John O'Riley


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* Mr. O'Reilly, Fictitious Irish character/builder portrayed by the Irish actor David Kelly on the episode " The Builders " from Fawlty Towers * Aloysius Umbongo N'Danga O'Reilly, fictitious character in the song "Baguette Dilemma for the Booker Prize Guy" by the band Half Man Half Biscuit on their 2014 album Urge for Offal
Urge for Offal


* O\'Reilly Auto Parts , an American chain of automotive supply stores * O\'Reilly Media (formerly O'Reilly ">

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