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LUMINES II is a sequel to the puzzle game Lumines . The game was released in November, 2006 in Europe
and North America
North America
, and on February 15, 2007 in Japan


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The gameplay in Lumines II is very similar to its predecessor, Lumines . The object is still to move blocks of four different colored squares across the board; while trying to create a single square of the same color. This all must be done before a "timeline" crosses the screen deleting the squares that you make. Deleting four or more squares will add a bonus multiplier to your score. (Refer to the Gameplay section of Lumines for more details).

There is no Infrastructure gameplay in Lumines II. The game is visually similar to Lumines Live! and the PC port of Lumines during both gameplay and in the menus.


A soundtrack of music from Lumines II by series composer Takayuki Nakamura was released on January 23, 2008, called L.II remixes. The album was released by Nakamura's sound design company Brainstorm and included eleven tracks appearing in the game. The mastering engineer on the project was Kenzi Nagashima and the package design was by Katsumi Yokota . Nakamura used his experience as a sound effects designer to make such noises as crashing waves and ticking clocks an integral part of the Lumines remixes albums.


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