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The Kangxi Dictionary
(Chinese: 康熙字典; pinyin: Kāngxī Zìdiǎn) was the standard Chinese dictionary
Chinese dictionary
during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Kangxi Emperor
Kangxi Emperor
of the Manchu Qing Dynasty
Qing Dynasty
ordered its compilation in 1710. It used the earlier Zihui
system of 214 radicals, today known as 214 Kangxi radicals, and was published in 1716. The dictionary is named after the Emperor's era name. The dictionary contains more than 47,000 characters, though some 40% of them are graphic variants. In addition, there are rare or archaic characters, some of which are attested only once. Less than a quarter of these characters are now in common use.[1]


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Compilation[edit] The Kangxi Dictionary
editors, including Zhang Yushu (張玉書) and Chen Tingjing (陳廷敬), based it partly on two Ming Dynasty dictionaries: the 1615 Zihui
(字彙 "Character Collection") by Mei Yingzuo (梅膺祚), and the 1627 Zhengzitong (正字通 "Correct Character Mastery") by Zhang Zilie (張自烈). Since the imperial edict required that the Kangxi Dictionary
be compiled within five years, a number of errors were inevitable. The Daoguang Emperor established a review board and their 1831 Zidian kaozheng (字典考證 "Character Dictionary
Textual Research") corrected 2,588 mistakes, mostly in quotations and citations.[2] The supplemented dictionary contains 47,035 character entries, plus 1,995 graphic variants, giving a total of 49,030 different characters. They are grouped under the 214 radicals and arranged by the number of additional strokes in the character. Although these 214 radicals were first used in the Zihui, due to the popularity of the Kangxi Dictionary
they are known as Kangxi radicals and remain in modern usage as a method to categorize traditional Chinese characters. The character entries give variants (if any), pronunciations in traditional fanqie spelling and in modern reading of a homophone, different meanings, and quotations from Chinese books and lexicons. The dictionary also contains rime tables with characters ordered under syllable rime classes, tones, and initial syllable onsets. The Kangxi Dictionary
is available in many forms, from old Qing Dynasty editions in block printing, to reprints in traditional Chinese bookbinding, to modern revised editions with essays in Western-style hardcover, to the digitized Internet
version. The Kangxi Dictionary
is one of the Chinese dictionaries used by the Ideographic Rapporteur Group for the Unicode
standard. Structure of the Kangxi dictionary[edit]

Kangxi Dictionary, 1827 reprint

Preface by Kangxi Emperor: pp. 1–6 (御製序) Notes on the use of the dictionary: pp. 7–12 (凡例) Indication of pronunciation of characters: pp. 13–40 (等韻) Comprehensive table of contents by radicals: pp. 41–49 (總目) Facilitated consulting contents: pp. 50–71 (檢字) The dictionary proper: pp. 75–1631

Main text: pp. 75–1538 Addendum contents: pp. 1539–1544 (補遺) Addendum text: pp. 1545–1576 Appendix contents (No–source–characters): pp. 1577–1583 (備考) Appendix text: pp. 1585–1631

Postscript: pp. 1633–1635 (後記) Textual research: pp. 1637–1683 (考證)

See also[edit]

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Teng, Ssu-yü and Biggerstaff, Knight. 1971. An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Chinese Reference Works, 3rd ed. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press. ISBN 0-674-03851-7 Kangxi (Emperor of China) (1842). Chinese and English dictionary: containing all the words in the Chinese imperial dictionary; arranged according to the radicals, Volume 1. Printed at Parapattan. Retrieved 2011-05-15. 


^ Endymion Wilkinson. Chinese History: A New Manual. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Asia Center, Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series, 2012. ISBN 9780674067158), pp. 80-81. ^ Teng and Biggerstaff 1971:130

External links[edit]

Kangxi Zidian (Tongwen Shuju edition), with dictionary lookup – Chinese Text Project Kangxi (Emperor of China) (1842). Chinese and English dictionary: containing all the words in the Chinese imperial dictionary; arranged according to the radicals, Volume 1. Printed at Parapattan. Retrieved 2011-05-15.  康熙字典網上版 Kangxi Dictionary
Net Version Kangxi zidian 康熙字典, English translation of one definition, on Chinaknowledge.de 汉典 The Chinese Language Dictionary
Homepage (in Chinese only) Making Friends with the Kangxi zidian 康熙字典 at the Wayback Machine (archived February 7, 2012), Occasional paper with translation of Kangxi Emperor's preface 御製康熙字典序 訂正康熙字典 EPUB版 Revised Kangxi Zidian, EPUB Version

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