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KPOF is an AM radio station in Westminster, Colorado
Westminster, Colorado
broadcasting at 910 kHz . The transmitter and studio are located on the campus of Belleview Christian Schools in the historic Westminster Castle , just northwest of Denver, Colorado . KPOF is known locally as "AM91: The Point of Faith" and offers local and syndicated programs. The station, a member of the National Religious Broadcasters , is noted for non-profit religious, classical, and educational programs and music.


On January 12, 1927, KGEY, the broadcast station that would become KPOF, was licensed and went on the air with only 15 watts of power on 1490 kilohertz. That station was privately owned but was primarily used to promote the small college at which the equipment was installed. By the next year, a new transmitter had been installed and sold to the current owners, Pillar of Fire. On March 9, 1928 the Federal Radio Commission authorized the sale and changed the call letters to KPOF. In those early days of broadcasting, most of the programs were produced live with the musical talent and speakers on location.

KPOF stands as the ninth oldest continuously licensed broadcast station in Colorado
and the first in the state to broadcast in HD Radio . It is the oldest station in the Pillar of Fire Church Network of Zarephath, New Jersey
Zarephath, New Jersey
, which is the oldest network of Christian radio stations in the world. KPOF and the Pillar of Fire were established by Bishop Alma Bridwell White .


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