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JAPANESE HORROR is Japanese horror
Japanese horror
fiction in popular culture, noted for its unique thematic and conventional treatment of the horror genre in light of western treatments. Japanese horror
Japanese horror
tends to focus on psychological horror and tension building (suspense ), particularly involving ghosts and poltergeists , while many contain themes of folk religion such as: possession, exorcism , shamanism , precognition , and yōkai .


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The origins of Japanese horror
Japanese horror
can be traced to horror and ghost story classics of the Edo period
Edo period
and the Meiji period
Meiji period
, which were known as kaidan . Elements of several of these popular folktales have been worked into the stories of modern films, especially in the traditional nature of the Japanese ghost .

Ghost stories have an even older history in Japanese literature
Japanese literature
, dating back to at least the Heian period
Heian period
(794–1185). Konjaku Monogatarishū written during that time featured a number of ghost stories from India , China and Japan. Kabuki
and noh , forms of traditional Japanese theater , often depict horror tales of revenge and ghastly appearances, many of which have been used as source material for films.



* Audition * Carved * Cure * The Curse (Noroi) * Cursed * Dark Water (Honogurai Mizu No Soko Kara) * Eko Eko Azarak series * Forbidden Siren * Gakkō no Kaidan series * Guinea Pig series * The Happiness of the Katakuris
The Happiness of the Katakuris
* Infection (Kansen)

* J-Horror Theater series

* Infection (Kansen) * Premonition (Yogen) * Reincarnation (Rinne) * Retribution (Sakebi) * Kaidan (Kaidan) * The Sylvian Experiments (Kyōfu)

* Ju-on series * Ju-Rei: The Uncanny * Kakashi * Kuroneko * Kwaidan * Marebito * Naked Blood * Onibaba * One Missed Call (Chakushin ari) series * Parasite Eve * Premonition (Yogen) * Pulse (Kairo) * Pyrokinesis * Reincarnation (Rinne) * Ring (Ringu) series * Shikoku * Suicide Club (Jisatsu Sākuru) * Sweet Home * Tales From The Dead * Tomie series * Unholy Women * Uzumaki (Spiral) * Versus


* Masaki Kobayashi * Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Kiyoshi Kurosawa
* Takashi Miike * Nobuo Nakagawa * Hideo Nakata
Hideo Nakata
* Ataru Oikawa * Takashi Shimizu * Kaneto Shindo
Kaneto Shindo
* Kôji Shiraishi * Sion Sono
Sion Sono
* Norio Tsuruta


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Certain popular Japanese horror
Japanese horror
films are based on manga , including Tomie , Uzumaki , and Yogen


Further information: Survival horror
Survival horror

* Ao Oni * Calling * Castlevania
* Corpse Party * Deadly Premonition * Dino Crisis * Fatal Frame * Ghost House * Monster
Bash * Ib * Ju-on: The Grudge * Kenseiden * Kuon * Laplace no Ma
Laplace no Ma
* Overblood * Parasite Eve * Resident Evil * Silent Hill
Silent Hill
* Siren * Splatterhouse * Sweet Home * The Witch\'s House


Hidetoshi Imura as Seijun from Tales from the Dead .

Since the early 2000s, several of the more popular Japanese horror films have been remade. Ring was one of the first to be remade in America as The Ring , and later The Ring Two
The Ring Two
(although this sequel bears almost no similarity to the original Japanese sequel). Other notable examples include The Grudge (2004). Dark Water (2005) and One Missed Call (2008)

With the exception of The Ring, most American remakes of Japanese horror films have received negative reviews (although The Grudge received mixed reviews). One Missed Call has received the worst reception of all, having earned the Moldy Tomato Award at Rotten Tomatoes for garnering a 0% critical approval rating. The Grudge 4 was announced in 2011, but no news has surfaced since. Similarly, The Ring 3D was reportedly green-lit by Paramount in 2010, and it was reported in 2016 that the film would be renamed Rings and released in early 2017.

Many of the original directors who created these Asian horror films have gone on to direct the American remakes. For example, Hideo Nakata , director of Ring, directed the remake The Ring Two; and Takashi Shimizu , director of the original Ju-on, directed the remake The Grudge as well as its sequel, The Grudge 2 .

Several other Asian countries have also remade Japanese horror
Japanese horror
films. For example, South Korea
South Korea
created their own version of the Japanese horror classic Ring, titled The Ring Virus
The Ring Virus

In 2007, Los Angeles
Los Angeles
-based writer-director Jason Cuadrado released the film Tales from the Dead , a horror film in four parts that Cuadrado filmed in the United States with a cast of Japanese actors speaking their native language.


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Horror film
* J-Horror Theater * Racism in horror films


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