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Individualist feminism, sometimes also grouped with libertarian feminism, is feminist ideas which emphasize individualism.[1]


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General[edit] Individualist feminists attempt to change legal systems to eliminate class privileges and gender privileges and to ensure that individuals have equal rights, including an equal claim under the law to their own persons and property. Individualist feminism encourages women to take full responsibility for their own lives. It also opposes any government interference into the choices adults make with their own bodies because, it contends, such interference creates a coercive hierarchy (such as patriarchy).[2] One central theme of individualist feminism revolves around the Free Love Movement, which indicates that a woman's sexual choices should be made by her and her alone, rather than by government regulations.[3] Individualist feminism was cast to appeal to "younger women ... of a more conservative generation"[4] and includes concepts from Rene Denfeld and Naomi Wolf, essentially that "feminism should no longer be about communal solutions to communal problems but individual solutions to individual problems",[4] and concepts from Wendy McElroy
Wendy McElroy
and especially Joan Kennedy Taylor. The Association of Libertarian Feminists, founded in 1973 by Tonie Nathan, the Libertarian Party's Vice Presidential nominee in 1972, is one of a number of different kinds of individualist feminist organizations.[1] It takes a strong anti-government and pro-choice stand.[5][6] Other libertarian feminist organizations include the Ladies of Liberty
Alliance,[7] Feminists for Liberty,[8] and the defunct Mother's Institute,[9] which included Mothers for Liberty (meet-up groups).[10] Wendy McElroy
Wendy McElroy
and Christina Hoff Sommers
Christina Hoff Sommers
define individualist feminism in opposition to what they call political or gender feminism.[11][12] See also[edit] People[edit]

William Lloyd Garrison – (1805–1879) Ezra Heywood – (1829–1893) Voltairine de Cleyre – (1866–1912) Dora Marsden – (1882–1960) Suzanne La Follette – (1893–1983) Tonie Nathan – (b. 1923) Joan Kennedy Taylor – (1926–2005) Mimi Reisel Gladstein – (b. 1936) Sharon Presley – (b. 1943) Christina Hoff Sommers
Christina Hoff Sommers
– (b. 1950) Wendy McElroy – (b. 1951) Virginia Postrel – (b. 1960) Cathy Young – (b. 1963) Roderick T. Long – (b. 1964) Tiffany Million – (b. 1966)


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Further reading[edit]

Kennedy Taylor, Joan (1992). Reclaiming the mainstream: individualist feminism rediscovered. Buffalo, N.Y: Prometheus Books. ISBN 9780879757175.  Heywood, Ezra (1873). Uncivil Liberty: An Essay to Show the Injustice and Impolicy of Ruling Woman
Without Her Consent. Archived from the original on 2 September 2005.  One of the first individualist feminist essays, by Ezra Heywood. de Cleyre, Voltairine (2005). Presley, Sharon; Sartwell, Crispin, eds. Exquisite rebel: the essays of Voltairine de Cleyre: feminist, anarchist, genius. Albany: State University of New York Press. ISBN 9780791460948.  Johnson, Charles W. (1 May 2005). "Libertarian Feminism: Can This Marriage Be Saved?".  Presley, Sharon. " Feminism
in Liberty". Archived from the original on 30 July 2012.  "Liberal Feminism
(definition)". Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.  Essay including discussion of libertarian feminism. Davies, S. (1987). Libertarian Feminism
in Britain, 1860–1910 (PDF). Libertarian Alliance Pamphlet, no. 7. 

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