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HIGHS AND LOWS (Chinese : 雷霆掃毒) is a Hong Kong
Hong Kong
television crime drama serial produced by TVB
under executive producer Lam Chi-wah. The drama stars Michael Miu , Raymond Lam
Raymond Lam
, Kate Tsui
Kate Tsui
, Ben Wong , Ella Koon and Elaine Ng . It originally aired from 24 September to 4 November 2012, on Hong Kong's Jade , and ran for 30 episodes.


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Gordon Heung (Michael Miu), Senior Inspector of Narcotics Bureau's Operations Wing, is forced to partake in illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking after a mysterious man threatened to reveal his friend's illegal money laundering if he refused. Heung's good friend and student, Senior Inspector Wai Sai-lok (Raymond Lam) of Narcotics Bureau's Intelligence Wing, begins to grow suspicious of Heung after finding some evidence that hinted at Heung's illegal activities during a drug bust.

Heung's involvement with drug traffickers also gets leaked to Wai's rival, Chief Inspector Poon Hok-lai (Ben Wong) of the Operations Wing, who decides to use this chance to severe Heung and Wai's relationship. When Poon discovers that Wai had started a romance with his informant, Pat Chan (Kate Tsui), Poon gets in between their relationship and convinces Chan to leave Wai. He then indirectly forcibly exposes her to drug trafficking and consumption, and they eventually worked together to become two powerful forces of illegal drug trafficking in Hong Kong.


A trailer for the TVB
2012 Sales Presentation trailer was shot earlier during October 2011 and the Sales Presentation was aired on 17 December 2011. The trailer featured Roger Kwok , Michael Miu , Kevin Cheng
Kevin Cheng
, Kate Tsui
Kate Tsui
and Joyce Tang . Kwok portrayed a triad mole sent to the Narcotics Bureau (NB), Miu portrayed an undercover cop from NB, Cheng portrayed an NB officer, Tsui portrayed a pregnant drug dealer and Tang portrayed Miu's wife. Kwok, Cheng and Tang were unable to film due to conflicting schedules. As a result, Elaine Ng , Raymond Lam
Raymond Lam
and Ella Koon were added. A costume ceremony was held on 18 January 2012 at Tseung Kwan O
Tseung Kwan O
City Studio One at 12:30PM.




MICHAEL MIU Heung Wing (Gordon) 向榮 NB Operational Unit Senior Inspector Undercover Cop in Episodes 1-3 Helen's ex-husband, later reconciled Best friends with Ho Kwai, Cheng Chi Seng and Nin Yau Fu Betrayed the police because of brotherhood but still a righteous cop in the end Killed by Wai Sai Lok unintentionally in Episode 30

RAYMOND LAM Wai Sai Lok (Happy) 韋世樂 NB Intelligence Unit Senior Inspector Poon Hok Lai's rival Pursues and loves Chan Ka Pik Ko Hei Suen's superior and good friend Ko Hei Suen's love interest Killed Gordon in Episode 30 unintentionally Raises Chan Ka Pik ">

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