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The so-called HAWK OF QURAISH is a symbol which is found on a number of emblems, coat of arms and flags of several states of the Arab League . The Arabs
of the Arabian Peninsula
Arabian Peninsula
, today especially those from the Persian Gulf
Persian Gulf
coast, are traditionally falconry experts; falcons (and hawks ) are seen as status symbols and one of the Arabs' favorite animals. Also the traditions and recorded history about the Quraysh
and Muhammad
claim a falcon had been used as clan symbol. Therefore, several variants of the Quraishi hawk were and are seen in the flags, coat of arms, seals and emblems of several Arab states until today. In that meaning, the Hawk
of Quraish is a rival to the so-called Eagle of Saladin .


Quraishi hawk in the Emblem of Kuwait
Emblem of Kuwait

Quraishi hawk in the Emblem of the United Arab Emirates
Emblem of the United Arab Emirates

in the emblem of Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Emirate of Abu Dhabi
(UAE) *

Quraishi hawk in the emblem of Emirate of Dubai
Emirate of Dubai
(UAE) *

Quraishi hawk in the former Coat of arms
Coat of arms
of Libya (until 2011) *

Quraishi hawk in Libyan Coat of arms
Coat of arms
as used by General Haftar's government in Tobruk *

Quraishi hawk in the arms of the former Federation of Arab Republics (including Egypt, Syria, and Libya) (1972–1980) *

Quraishi hawk in Coat of arms
Coat of arms
of the Syrian Republic (1930–58)
Syrian Republic (1930–58)
and (1961–1963) *

Quraishi hawk in Coat of arms
Coat of arms
of the Syrian Republic (1963–1972)


Quraishi hawk in the Coat of arms
Coat of arms
of Syria (since 1980) *

Quraishi hawk in emblem of Palestine Liberation Army *

Quraishi hawk in the coat of arms of Syrian opposition
Syrian opposition


* ^ Karl-Heinz Hesmer: Flaggen und Wappen der Welt, pages 93, 155 and 171. Bertelsmann Lexikon Verlag, Güstersloh 1992 * ^ Syed Junaid Imam: The Flag of Quraish, Flags Of The World (1999)

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* This article is based on a translation of the corresponding article from the German.

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