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Xiong Yaohua (7 June 1938 – 21 September 1985), better known by his pen name Gu Long, was a Taiwanese novelist, screenwriter, film producer and director. A graduate of Cheng Kung Senior High School
Cheng Kung Senior High School
and Tamkang University, Xiong is best known for writing wuxia novels and serials, which include Juedai Shuangjiao, Xiaoli Feidao Series, Chu Liuxiang Series, Lu Xiaofeng Series and The Eleventh Son. Some of these works have been adapted into films and television series for numerous times. In the 1980s, he started his own film studio, Bao Sian,[1] to produce film adaptations of his works.


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series (大武俠時代) 3.8 Jinghun Liuji series (驚魂六記系列)

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Life[edit] Xiong was born on 7 June 1938 in Hong Kong[2] but his registered identity stated that he was born in 1941.[citation needed] His ancestral home was in Nanchang, Jiangxi
Province, China, and he lived in Hankou
in his childhood. He moved to Taipei, Taiwan
in 1952 with his parents, who divorced in 1956. With help from his friends and using the money he earned from part-time work to fund his education, Xiong graduated from the Foreign Language Department of Tamkang University. He found a job in the United States Army Advisory in Taipei
later. In 1960, Xiong published his first wuxia novel, Cangqiong Shenjian (蒼穹神劍), under the pen name "Gu Long". From 1960 to 1961, Xiong published eight novels but did not achieve the results he desired. He moved to Ruifang District
Ruifang District
(in New Taipei
City) and lived there for three years, after which he changed his perspective and adopted a new writing style. Between 1967 and the late 1970s, he rose to prominence in the genre of modern wuxia fiction for his works. As the sole representative of excellence in the wuxia genre from Taiwan
for an entire decade, Xiong was named along with Jin Yong
Jin Yong
and Liang Yusheng as the "Three Legs of the Tripod of Wuxia". While he was still in university, Xiong lived with a dance hostess, Zheng Yuexia (鄭月霞), and had a son, Zheng Xiaolong (鄭小龍), with her. However, he started a relationship later with another dance hostess, Ye Xue (葉雪), who also bore him a son, Ye Yikuan (葉怡寬). Shortly after that, he met a senior middle school graduate, Mei Baozhu (梅寶珠), who became his first legal spouse and bore him his third son, Xiong Zhengda (熊正達). His extramarital affairs caused him to break up with Mei eventually. In the later part of his life, Xiong suffered from depression and the quality of his works declined rapidly. He had to employ ghostwriters to co-write many of his later works because of his ailing health.[citation needed] He died on 21 September 1985 at the age of 48 due to illness wrought by alcoholism – namely cirrhosis and esophageal hemorrhage – at around 1800 hours.[1] His friends brought him 48 bottles of XO Cognac at his funeral. Writing style[edit] Xiong was said to be influenced not only by wuxia fiction, but also by the works of Ernest Hemingway, Jack London, John Steinbeck
John Steinbeck
and Friedrich Nietzsche. His novels are usually made up of short sentences and paragraphs, and mostly dialogues between characters – like a play script. In contrast with Xiong, other writers such as Jin Yong
Jin Yong
and Liang Yusheng took an alternative route in writing wuxia fiction by incorporating Chinese history, culture and philosophical ideas in their works. Xiong initially intended to follow them but changed his decision after exposure to works such as the James Bond
James Bond
series and The Godfather novels. The influence of these works, which relied on the idiosyncrasies of human life, razor-sharp wit, poetic philosophies, mysterious plots and spine-tingling thrills to achieve success, enabled Xiong to come up with a unique way of writing. List of works[edit] Some of these works were co-written with other writers.

Standalone novels[edit]

Divine Sky Sword (蒼穹神劍) The Poisonous Sword and the Fragrant Plum Blossom (劍毒梅香) (Partially ghostwritten by Shangguan Ding) Eerie Moon and Evil Star (月異星邪) Consort Xiang's Sword (湘妃劍) Legend of the Orphan Star (孤星傳) Story of the Lost Soul (失魂引) Tale of the Wandering Swordsman (遊俠錄) Flower-Guarding Bell (護花鈴) Tune of the Colorful Ring (彩環曲) Broken Gold, Incomplete Jade (殘金缺玉) Lingering Fragrance in a Rain of Swords (飄香劍雨) Tale of a Remarkable Sword (劍玄錄) Journey of a Swordsman (劍客行) Cleansing Flowers, Refining the Sword (浣花洗劍錄) Lover's Arrow (情人箭) Legend of the Banner Heroes (大旗英雄傳) Unofficial History of the Wulin (武林外史) The Sword and Exquisiteness (名劍風流) Legendary Siblings (絕代雙驕) Happy Heroes (歡樂英雄) The Celebrity (大人物) Meteor, Butterfly, Sword (流星‧蝴蝶‧劍) 7 Killers (七殺手) Sword of the Third Young Master (三少爺的劍) Jade Tiger (白玉老虎) Carved Jade Dragon (白玉雕龍) (Ghostwritten by Shen Suimei) Land of Flying Eagles (大地飛鷹) Full Moon Curved Saber (圓月彎刀) Heroes Shed No Tears (英雄無淚) Dragon King With Seven Stars (七星龍王) The Sound of the Sabre Accompanied by Wind Chimes (風鈴中的刀聲) Furious Sword, Mad Flowers (怒劍狂花) Sublte Touch of the Sword (那一劍的風情) Righteous Blood Cleansing the Silver Spear (碧血洗銀槍) Thorn of the Crysanthemum (菊花的刺) Iron Sword Beauty (鐵劍紅顏) The Indignant Foal (憤怒的小馬)

Little Li's Flying Dagger (小李飛刀系列) series[edit]

Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword (多情劍客無情劍) Bordertown Wanderer (邊城浪子) Flying Eagles in September (九月鷹飛) Horizon, Bright Moon, Saber (天涯‧明月‧刀) Flying Dagger, The Flying Dagger Reappears (飛刀,又見飛刀)

The Eleventh Son series (蕭十一郎系列)[edit]

The Eleventh Son (蕭十一郎) Huobing Xiao Shiyilang (火併蕭十一郎)

Chu Liuxiang series (楚留香系列)[edit]

Drifting Sea of Blood (血海飄香) The Great Desert (大沙漠) Laughingthrush (畫眉鳥) Legend of the Bat
Legend of the Bat
(蝙蝠傳奇) Romance of Ghosts and Heroes (鬼戀俠情) Legend of the Peach Flower (桃花傳奇) Legend of the New Moon (新月傳奇) Midnight Orchid (午夜蘭花)

Lu Xiaofeng series (陸小鳳系列)[edit]

Legend of Lu Xiaofeng (陸小鳳傳奇) Embroidering Theif (繡花大盜) Around the Duel (決戰前後) Silver Hook Casino (銀鈎賭坊) Ghost Villa (幽靈山莊) Phoenix Flying in the Sky (鳳舞九天) God of Sword Smiles (劍神一笑)

Seven Weapons(Qizhong Wuqi) series (七種武器系列)[edit]

Longevity Sword (長生劍) Peacock Plume (孔雀翎) Green Jade Saber (碧玉刀) Amorous Ring (多情環) Overlord Spear (霸王槍) Separating Hook (離別鉤) Fist (拳頭)

Grand Era of Wuxia
series (大武俠時代)[edit]

Duju Langya Zhuisha (賭局、狼牙、追殺) Ziyan Qunhu (紫煙、群狐) Yindiao Haishen (銀雕、海神)

Jinghun Liuji series (驚魂六記系列)[edit]

Blood Parrot (血鸚鵡) Tianmo Dao (天魔刀) Hei Xiyi (黑蜥蜴) Shuijing Ren (水晶人) Fen Kulou (粉骷髏) Luocha Nü (羅剎女) Wuyi Bianfu (無翼蝙蝠)

Adaptations of works[edit]


The Jade Faced Assassin
The Jade Faced Assassin
玉面俠 (1971), Juedai Shuangjiao Killer Clans 流星·蝴蝶·劍 (1976), Liuxing Hudie Jian Clans of Intrigue
Clans of Intrigue
楚留香 (1977), Chu Liuxiang Series Jade Tiger 白玉老虎 (1977), Bai Yu Lao Hu Death Duel
Death Duel
三少爺的劍 (1977) The Lost Swordship 飄香劍雨 (1977), Lingering Fragrance in a Rain of Swords To Kill with Intrigue
To Kill with Intrigue
劍·花·煙雨·江南 (1977) Sentimental Swordsman
Sentimental Swordsman
多情劍客無情劍 (1977), Xiaoli Feidao Series Legend of the Bat
Legend of the Bat
楚留香之二蝙蝠傳奇 (1978), Chu Liuxiang Series Clan of Amazons 陸小鳳之绣花大盗 (1978), Lu Xiaofeng Series The Last Duel 英雄對英雄 (1978), Lu Xiaofeng Series The Legend of Broken Sword
The Legend of Broken Sword
折劍傳奇 (1979), Chu Liuxiang Series The Proud Twins 绝代雙驕 (1979), ' Chu Liu Hsiang and Hu Tieh Hua 楚留香與胡鐵花 (1980), Chu Liuxiang Series Everlasting Chivalry 俠影留香 (1980), Chu Liuxiang Series The Sun Moon Legend 新月传奇 (1980), Chu Liuxiang Series Middle Kingdom's Mark of Blood 中原一點红 (1980), Chu Liuxiang Series Heroes Shed No Tears 英雄無淚 (1980) A Sword Named Revenge 名劍風流 (1981) Bloody Parrot
Bloody Parrot
血鸚鵡 (1981) The Duel of the Century
The Duel of the Century
陸小鳳之决戰前後 (1981), Lu Xiaofeng Series The Spirit of the Sword 浣花洗劍錄 (1982), Wanhua Xijian Lu Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman
Sentimental Swordsman
楚留香之幽靈山莊 (1982), Chu Liuxiang Series Demon Fighter
Demon Fighter
午夜蘭花 (1983) The Denouncement of Chu Liu Hsiang
The Denouncement of Chu Liu Hsiang
楚留香大結局 (1983), Chu Liuxiang Series Handsome Siblings
Handsome Siblings
絕代雙驕 (1992), Juedai Shuangjiao Butterfly and Sword 流星蝴蝶劍 (1993), Liuxing Hudie Jian Legend of the Liquid Sword
Legend of the Liquid Sword
笑俠楚留香 (1993), Chu Liuxiang Series The Duel 决戰紫禁之巓 (2000), Lu Xiaofeng Series Kung Fu Divas
Kung Fu Divas
(2014 Philippines movie), film parody of Juedai Shuangjiao film by Onat Diaz. Sword Master (film)
Sword Master (film)
(2016), Sword of the Third Young Master


Ying Xiong Wu Lei


New Gulong Online, developed by Zealot Digital International Corp and released by IAH in Southeast Asia.[3]


Luk Siu-fung 陆小凤 (1976), Lu Xiaofeng Series Juedai Shuangjiao 绝代双骄 (1977), Juedai Shuangjiao The Romantic Swordsman 小李飞刀 (1978), Xiaoli Feidao Series Reincarnated 天蚕变 (1979) Chor Lau-heung 楚留香 (1979), Chu Liuxiang Series The Twins 绝代双骄 (1979), Juedai Shuangjiao Wan Fa Sai Kim Luk (1979), Wanhua Xijian Lu The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung 楚留香之蝙蝠传奇 (1984), Chu Liuxiang Series Chor Lau-heung 楚留香新传 (1985), Chu Liuxiang Series Xin Juedai Shuangjiao 新绝代双骄 (1986), Juedai Shuangjiao The Return of Luk Siu-fung
The Return of Luk Siu-fung
陆小凤之凤舞九天 (1986), Lu Xiaofeng Series Two Most Honorable Knights
Two Most Honorable Knights
绝代双骄 (1988), Juedai Shuangjiao Against the Blade of Honour 圆月弯刀 (1994), Yuanyue Wandao Chor Lau-heung 香帅传奇 (1995), Chu Liuxiang Series The Romantic Swordsman 小李飞刀 (1995), Xiaoli Feidao Series Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng 陆小凤之决战前后 (2001), Lu Xiaofeng Series Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng 2 陆小凤之凤舞九天 (2001), Lu Xiaofeng Series The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung 新楚留香 (2001), Chu Liuxiang Series The Legendary Siblings, 绝代双骄 (2002), Juedai Shuangjiao The Legendary Siblings
The Legendary Siblings
2 绝世双骄 (2002), Juedai Shuangjiao Treasure Raiders (2002), 蕭十一郎 (Xiao Shi Yi Lang) Flying Daggers 飞刀又见飞刀 (2003), Xiaoli Feidao Series The Proud Twins 小鱼儿与花无缺 (2005), Juedai Shuangjiao The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng 陆小凤传奇 (2006), Lu Xiaofeng Series The Legend of Chu Liuxiang 楚留香传奇 (2007), Chu Liuxiang Series The Banner Heroes (2007), Da Qi Ying Xiong Zhuan The Spirit of the Sword (2007), Wanhua Xijian Lu The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries
The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries
黑糖瑪奇朵 (2008) Meteor, Butterfly, Sword (2010 CCTV-1 TV series) 流星‧蝴蝶‧劍 (Liu Xing, Hu Die, Jian) The Legend of Chu Liuxiang 楚留香新传 (2012), Chu Liuxiang Series The Magic Blade (2012 Hunan TV series) 天涯‧明月‧刀 (Tianya Mingyue Dao - Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre), Xiaoli Feidao Series (Fu Hong Xue) Detective and Doctors 陆小凤与花满楼 (2015), Lu Xiaofeng Series Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang 新萧十一郎 (2016), Xiao Shi Yi Lang series Border Town Prodigal (2016), Xiaoli Feidao Series (Ye Kai & Fu Hong Xue) The Legend of Flying Daggers 小李飛刀系列 (2016), Xiaoli Feidao Series (Li Huai) The Lost Swordship 飄香劍雨 (2017), Lingering Fragrance in a Rain of Swords Handsome Siblings
Handsome Siblings
絕代雙驕 (2018), Juedai Shuangjiao

Translations of works[edit] Xiong's works have been translated into many languages such as French, English and Vietnamese:

The Eleventh Son, English translation of Xiao Shiyilang, ISBN 1-931907-16-1. Les quatre brigands du Huabei, French translation of Huanle Yingxiong, ISBN 2-87730-371-3

See also[edit]

Jin Yong Liang Yusheng


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Further reading[edit]

Stateless Subjects: Chinese Martial Arts Literature and Postcolonial History, Chapter 5. Petrus Liu. (Cornell University, 2011) 《傲世鬼才一古龙:古龙与武侠小说国际学术研讨会论文集》林保淳 (学生书局出版,2006)

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