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This is a list of former German colonies and protectorates (German: Schutzgebiete) established by the German Empire, Brandenburg-Prussia and the Habsburg Monarchy. This list may be incomplete, you can help by expanding it.


1 Brandenburg–Prussian colonies

1.1 Africa 1.2 North America

2 Habsburg colonies 3 Imperial German colonies

3.1 Africa 3.2 Pacific 3.3 China 3.4 Americas

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Brandenburg–Prussian colonies[edit] Main articles: Brandenburg-Prussia
and German colonization of the Americas These were colonies unsuccessfully settled by Brandenburg-Prussia (part of the Holy Roman Empire
Holy Roman Empire
realm), since 1701 Kingdom of Prussia, before the foundation of the German Empire
German Empire
in 1871. Africa[edit]

Groß Friedrichsburg
Groß Friedrichsburg
(in Ghana), 1683–1718 Arguin
(in Mauritania), 1685–1721 Whydah (in present Bénin), circa 1700 (this Brandenburg 'colony' was just a minor point of support, a few dwellings at a site co-inhabited by British and Dutch)

North America[edit] These territories were held briefly under lease or occupation during the early European colonizations of the New World.

Saint Thomas. Leased by Brandenburg from the Danish West India Company, 1685–1720. Island of Crabs (Krabbeninsel in German) (Caribbean, now US), Brandenburg annexation in the Danish West Indies, 1689–1693 Tertholen
(Caribbean), 1696. Occupation.

Habsburg colonies[edit] Main article: List of former Austrian colonies These were colonies of the Habsburg Monarchy
Habsburg Monarchy
(part of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation realm), since 1804 Austrian Empire, since 1867 Austria-Hungary.

Banquibazar & Cabelon (1719/23–1744/50)[1] Nicobar islands
Nicobar islands
(1778–1783)[2] Tientsin concession (1901–1917)

Imperial German colonies[edit] These are colonies settled by and controlled by the German Empire
German Empire
from 1884 to 1919. Those territories constituted the German Colonial Empire. Africa[edit] Main article: German colonization of Africa The following were German African protectorates:

German colonies in Africa, 1884–1920

German East Africa
German East Africa

Tanganyika. In 1922 became a League of Nations mandate
League of Nations mandate
under the United Kingdom. In 1961 became independent and in 1964 joined with former British protectorate of the sultanate of Zanzibar
to form present-day Tanzania Ruanda-Urundi
(1885–1917) – present-day Rwanda
and Burundi
after Belgian mandate period Wituland
(1885–1890) – since 1890 in Kenya Kionga Triangle
Kionga Triangle
– since 1920 (earlier occupied) in Portuguese Mozambique

German South West Africa
German South West Africa
(Deutsch-Südwestafrika) – present-day Namibia
(except then-British Walvis Bay) and part of Botswana (Südrand des Caprivi-Zipfels) German West Africa
German West Africa
(Deutsch-Westafrika) – existed as one unit only for two or three years, then split into two colonies due to distances:

(1884–1914) – after World War I, separated into

a British part, Cameroons, later split in half, with one part joining Nigeria
and the other becoming part of modern Cameroon. (Kamerun, Nigeria-Ostteil, Tschad-Südwestteil, Zentralafrikanische Republik-Westteil, Republik Kongo-Nordostteil, Gabun-Nordteil) a French Cameroun, which became present Cameroon.

(1884–1914) – after World War I it separated into two :

a British part (Ghana-Westteil), which joined Ghana a French part, which became Togo
republic, because of the Treaty of Versailles in World War 1

Pacific[edit] These were German colonies in the Pacific:

German colonies in southern Pacific: Kaiserwilhelmsland and the Bismarck Archipelago
Bismarck Archipelago
(Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands)

German New Guinea
German New Guinea
(Deutsch-Neuguinea) (1884–1914) and Micronesia (later incorporated into the German New Guinea)

Kaiser-Wilhelmsland Bismarck Archipelago
Bismarck Archipelago
(Bismarck-Archipel) German Solomon Islands
German Solomon Islands
or Northern Solomon Islands (Salomonen or Nördliche Salomon-Inseln) (1885–1899) Bougainville Island
Bougainville Island
(Bougainville-Insel) (1888–1919) Nauru
(1888–1919) Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands
(Marschall-Inseln) (1885–1919) Mariana Islands
Mariana Islands
(Marianen) (1899–1919) – present-day Northern Mariana Islands Caroline Islands
Caroline Islands
(Karolinen) (1899–1919) – present-day Federated States of Micronesia
and Palau

German Samoa
German Samoa
(Deutsch-Samoa) (1899–1914) – present-day Samoa

Colonial Possessions and Protectorates of the German Empire, 1883–1920, confirmed by Treaty, International Agreement, or Purchase

China[edit] These Treaty ports were German concessions in China, leased to it by the Qing Dynasty.

Jiaozhou Bay concession
Jiaozhou Bay concession
(Deutsch-Kiautschou) (1898–1914) Chefoo
(190?–1918) Tsingtao


The German Caribbean was colonised briefly in the nineteenth century.

See also[edit]

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German colonies (in German) WorldStatesmen

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