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The flag of Kuwait
(Arabic: علم الكويت‎) was adopted on September 7, 1961, and officially hoisted November 24, 1961. Before 1961, the flag of Kuwait
was red and white, like those of other Persian Gulf
Persian Gulf
states at the time, with the field being red and words or charges being written in white. Until 1899, the flag consisted solely of a red field. From 1899 to 1915, the red field bore a white crescent and star and, also in white, the word "كويت" (Kuwait) styled so as to de-emphasize the word-initial K:  From 1899 to 1909, the crescent-and-star symbol and the country's name were of equal height; between 1909 and 1915, the crescent and star predominated at the center, with the country's name reduced in size and relegated to the top fly-side corner. Between 1915 and 1956, the crescent and star were removed and the name was enlarged and returned to the center of the flag. Between 1956 and 1961, the crescent and star remained absent, the name was written in a different style placing greater emphasis on the word-initial K, the hoist side of the flag bore a wavy white bordure, and the Shahadah
was written vertically and oriented so as to be read top-to-bottom. The present flag is in the Pan-Arab colours, but each colour is also significant in its own right. Black represents the defeat of the enemy, while red is the colour of blood on the Kuwaiti swords. White symbolizes purity, and green is for the fertile land.

Colour Symbolism

Green our lands

White our deeds

Red our swords

Black our battles

The colours' meaning came from a poem by Safie Al-Deen Al-Hali:

White are our deeds Black are our battles Green are our lands Red are our swords

Rules of hanging and flying the flag:

Horizontally: The green stripe should be on top. Vertically: The red stripe should be on the left side of the flag.

Peter Lynn's Kuwaiti Flag kite

In 2005, it became the design of the world's largest kite at a size of 1019 square metres. It was made in New Zealand
New Zealand
by Peter Lynn, launched to the public for the first time in 2004 in the United Kingdom, officially launched in Kuwait
in 2005, and has not been surpassed since. Standard of the Emir[edit] The current Emir of Kuwait
is known to have a personal royal standard. The flag of the Emir was the national one with a yellow crown on the green stripe which as used from the 1980s to this day.

Standard of the Emir

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