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DEAN SHEK (sometimes written SHEK TIEN) a.k.a. DEAN SHEK TIN (born 17 October 1950) is a veteran Hong Kong
Hong Kong
feature film actor and film producer with over 92 films acting credits to his name. Shek is perhaps best known as Professor Kai-hsien in the 1978 film, Drunken Master , Lung Sei in the 1987 film, A Better Tomorrow 2 , and Snooker in the 1990 film, The Dragon from Russia .


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With ancestral roots from Tianjin
, China
, Shek was born on 17 October 1950 in Beijing
, before moving to Hong Kong
Hong Kong
at the age of 3. There, he attended the Shung Tak Catholic English College before studying filmmaking, acting and voice acting at Shaw Brothers Studio 's actors training program in 1968.



Shek began his career as a contracted actor at Shaw Brothers Studio in 1968, making his first brief appearance in the film Twin Blades of Doom (1969). He received more substantial roles at Shaws, in musicals such as The Singing Killer, romantic films including A Time For Love (1970), comedies such as The Human Goddess (1972) and martial arts films such as The Fists of Vengeance (1972).

Shek left Shaw Brothers in 1973. The same year, he appeared in Master with Cracked Fingers , the first film to feature Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
in a starring role. He made his directorial debut in 1975 with The Monk , and worked as assistant director on Black Alice (1975), A Queen\'s Ransom (1976), Iron Fisted Monk (1977).

Throughout the late 1970s, Shek continued to work with the likes of Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
and Sammo Hung on period kung fu films including Broken Oath (1977), Warriors Two (1978), Snake in the Eagle\'s Shadow (1978), Drunken Master (1978), Odd Couple (1979) and Dance of the Drunk Mantis (1979).

Shek is credited as producer on 22 films, most of which were for the production company Cinema City & Films Co.
Cinema City & Films Co.
, which he co founded with Karl Maka
Karl Maka
and Raymond Wong in 1980. Throughout the 1980s, he appeared in action, crime and comedy films such as Aces Go Places and John Woo 's A Better Tomorrow 2 (1987). He also directed four films during the period, which were The Perfect Wife?! (1983), A Family Affair (1984), Kung Hei Fat Choy (1985) and The Family Strikes Back (1986), which were all box office hits.


Shek played his final role as Uncle Choi in the 1991 action film, The Raid .

In 1992, Shek retired from acting at the age of 42, after working as a producer in 1992 fantasy horror film, Angel Hunter.

Recently, Shek made a return to acting with a cameo appearance in the 2016 film, The Bodyguard , which is directed by and starring Sammo Hung, and also produced by and guest starring Andy Lau .


In 1979, Shek married Taiwanese actress Lau Chun-yue. Shek's three main personal hobbies are cigar , golf and coffee .

After retiring from the film industry, Shek ventured into and found success in the real estate industry.



1968 Killer Darts 追魂鏢 "Tung Kung-long"

1969 Twin Blades of Doom 陰陽刀 "Mayor's servant"

Dark Semester 桃李春風 "Yu Mei-hsiu"

1970 Young Lovers 青春戀 "Lin Da-cheng"

A Time for Love 那個不多情 "John Chau"

The Singing Killer 小煞星 "Fairy"

My Son 春火 "Rape gang member"

Guess Who Killed by Twelve Lovers 噴火美人魚 "Stephen"

1971 It Takes a Man to Be Henpecked 怕老婆是大丈夫 Actor

The Man with Two Wives 齊人樂 Actor

Master with Cracked Fingers 刁手怪招 "Landlord" Re-edit of Little Tiger of Canton

1972 Pursuit 林沖夜奔 "Palace guard"

Intrigue in Nylons 少奶奶的絲襪 "Shop clerk"

The Human Goddess 凡下女仙 "Playboy #1"

The Fugitive 亡命徒 "Siu Ba"

The Fists of Vengeance 落葉飛刀 "Doggie" a.k.a. The Deadly Knives a.k.a. A Life-and-Death Struggle

The Black Tavern 黑店 "Wandering Monk"

Let's Go to Bed 我們要洞房 Actor

1973 The Young Tiger 小老虎 "Conceited Red Shirt"

Tales of Larceny 牛鬼蛇神 "Yu Jieh" Two-part anthology film with Shek appearing in the first part.

The Pirate 大海盜 "Master Bai"

The Iron Bodyguard 大刀王五 "Liang Qi-chao" a.k.a. The Knight and the Scholar

Illicit Desire 風流韻事 "Little Fairy" Three-part anthology film with Shek appearing in the third part.

The Generation Gap 叛逆 "Club bald waiter" a.k.a. The Traitor

The Delinquent 憤怒少年 "Cripple" a.k.a. Street Gangs of Hong Kong

My Wife, My Love and My Maid 一嬌二俏三更妙

Ambush 埋伏 "Cold-faced swordsman Hong Lieh"

The Villains 土匪 "Li Deng-yao"

1974 Young Lovers on Flying Wheels 電單車 "Xiao Xian"

Naughty! Naughty! 綽頭狀元 "Auntie Six's husband"

A Mad World of Fools 怪人怪事 Actor

The Golden Lotus 金瓶雙豔 "Doctor Jiang"

Games Gamblers Play
Games Gamblers Play
鬼馬雙星 "Casino clerk"

Blood Reincarnation 陰陽界 "Chang"

The Big Risk 虎鬥虎 Actor a.k.a. Kung Fu Conspiracy a.k.a. When Tough Guys Meet

Tenants of Talkative Street 街知巷聞 Actor

Paris Killers 巴黎殺手 "Shot messenger"

Everyday Is Sunday 天天報喜 Actor

Bravest Fist 一山五虎 Actor

Call Me Dragon 神龍小虎闖江湖 "Mincing waiter" a.k.a. Fighting Dragon vs. Deadly Tiger

April Fool 出乎意料 Actor Screenwriter

The Protectors 鏢旗飛揚 "Spear Prince"

1975 The Monk 出家人 "Si-hung" Director Screenwriter Directorial debut a.k.a. The Kung Fu Monk

Kissed by the Wolves 狼吻 Actor

The Young Dragons 鐵漢柔情 "Young brothel customer"

Shantung Man in Hong Kong 小山東到香港 Actor a.k.a. Little Shantung Arrives in Hong Kong

The Seven Coffins 驅魔女 Actor

The Last Message 天才與白痴 "Hotel clerk"

My Wacky, Wacky World 大千世界 "Te Shun"

Lady of the Law 女捕快 "Young Master Chen"

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Superman 香港超人 Actor Assistant director a.k.a. Bruce, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Chinese Superior Kung Fu 中國神打 Actor

The Bedevilled 心魔 "Lin Chi-yao"

Bald-Headed Betty 光頭蓓蒂 Actor

All in the Family 花飛滿城春 Actor

Black Alice 盲女奇緣 Assistant director

1976 A Queen\'s Ransom 鱷潭群英會 "Ducky" Assistant director Assistant producer

My Funny Intern 鬼馬俏醫生 Actor a.k.a. Hour of the Wolf a.k.a. Typical Admirable Doctor

I Want More... 官人我要... Actor a.k.a. Confession of a Concubine a.k.a. Injustice! My Lord

The Girlie Bar 酒帘 "Xiao Kang" a.k.a. The Finger Bar

The Simple-Minded Fellow 大懵成 Actor

Dance of Death 舞拳 Actor a.k.a. Eternal Conflict

Divorce Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Style 香港式離婚 Actor

Gonna Get You 溫拿與教授 Planning

1977 Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin 血海螳螂仇 Hung Chun-piao

The Iron-Fisted Monk 三德和尚與舂米六 "Manchu" Assistant director

Broken Oath
Broken Oath
破戒 "Brothel manager"

The Discharged 出冊 "Toast waiter" (cameo)

Winner Takes All! 面懵心精 Actor

1978 Warriors Two 贊先生與找錢華 "Master Yao"

Spiritual Kung Fu 拳精 "Shaolin student"

Snake in the Eagle\'s Shadow 蛇形刁手 "Teacher Li"

Snake Crane Secret 蛇鶴丹心震九州 "Shao Ting-shan" a.k.a. Secrets of the Dragon a.k.a. Snake ">

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