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Strauss, Strau ß
or Straus is a common Germanic surname. Outside Germany and Austria Strau ß
is always spelled Strauss
(the letter "ß" is not used in the German-speaking part of Switzerland). In classical music, "Strauss" usually refers to Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss
or Johann Strauss II. The name has been used by families in the Germanic area for at least a thousand years. The overlord of Gröna, for example, went by the name of Struz and used the image of an ostrich as his symbol. Examples of it could still be seen on the thousand-year-old church bell of that town.[1] "Struz" or "Strutz" is the North-German form of the word "Strauss", which is the modern German word for ostrich. Some of the earliest Jewish bearers of the name hailed from the Judengasse in medieval Frankfurt, where families have been known by the name of the houses they inhabited.[2] All the houses had names and these included Haus Strauss, complete with an image of an ostrich on the façade.[3] When, for tax purposes, Napoleon
made surnames obligatory in 1808, some more Jewish families decided to adopt the Straus(s) name.[4]


1 Notable people

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2 Places and institutions named Strauss
or Strau ß
or Straus 3 Fictional Strauss
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Notable people[edit] A–F[edit]

Adolf Strauss
(or Strau ß
1879–1973), German colonel general Adriaan Strauss
Adriaan Strauss
(born 1985), South African Springbok rugby union player Andrew Strauss
Andrew Strauss
(born 1977), South African born former English cricket captain Andries Strauss (born 1984), South African Springbok rugby union player; brother of Irish International Richardt Strauss and cousin of Springbok Adriaan Strauss Annette Strauss
Annette Strauss
(1924–1998), philanthropist and former mayor of Dallas, Texas Anselm Strauss
Anselm Strauss
(1916–1996), American sociologist Anton Strauss
Anton Strauss
(born 1858), German-Russian engineer, inventor and entrepreneur Astrid Strauss
Astrid Strauss
(born 1968), East German swimmer Aurora Straus, American racecar driver Barry S. Strauss, American classicist and historian Bill Strauss (footballer) (1916–1984), South African born Scottish footballer and cricketer Billy Straus, American record producer and songwriter Botho Strau ß
(born 1944), German writer and playwright Bruce Strauss (born 1952), American boxer Carolyn Strauss, American television executive and producer Christoph Straus (around 1580–1631), composer Claude Lévi-Strauss
Claude Lévi-Strauss
(1908–2009), French anthropologist Danie Strauss
(born 1946), South African philosopher Darin Strauss
Darin Strauss
(born 1970), American writer David Strauss
David Strauss
(David Friedrich Strauss
or Strauß, 1808–1874), German theologian and writer Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
(born 1949), French politician, former managing director of the International Monetary Fund Donald B. Straus (1916–2007), American educator, author, political advisor Eduard Strauss
Eduard Strauss
(1835–1916), Austrian composer, son of Johann Strauss I Eric Strauss (born 1960), American biologist, professor at Boston College Ernst G. Straus (1922–1983), mathematician and assistant to Albert Einstein Erwin Straus (1891–1975), phenomenologist and neurologist of European origin Fabio Strauss, Austrian footballer Franz Josef Strauss
Franz Josef Strauss
(or Strauß, 1915–1988), German politician (CSU) Franz Strauss
Franz Strauss
(1822–1905), German horn player and composer, father of Richard Strauss


Harry L. Straus, (1896–1949), American electrical engineer, horse and cattle breeder, sportsman, entrepreneur and computer pioneer Harry Strauss (1909–1941), contract killer for Murder, Inc. in the 1930s Henry Strauss, 1st Baron Conesford, member of the British Parliament from 1935 to 1955 Hugo Strau ß
(1907–1941), German rower Isidor Straus
Isidor Straus
(1845–1912), owner of R. H. Macy Co., member of the U.S. House of Representatives, died when the steamer Titanic sank Ivan Štraus
Ivan Štraus
(born 1928), Bosnian architect Jack Straus, American professional poker player Jael Strauss, contestant in America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8 James Straus, American special effects artist and animation developer James Strauss (flautist)
James Strauss (flautist)
(born 1974), Brazilian flautist James D. Strauss (born 1929), American theologian and professor Jesse I. Straus
Jesse I. Straus
(1872–1936), son of Isidor Straus, president of Macy's, U.S. ambassador to France 1933–36 Jessica Straus (born 1962), American voice actress Jo-Ann Strauss
Jo-Ann Strauss
(born 1981), Miss South Africa in 2000 Joe Straus
Joe Straus
(born 1959), politician from Texas Joe Strauss
Joe Strauss
(1858–1906), American baseball player Johann Strauss I
Johann Strauss I
(1804–1849), Austrian composer (Radetzky March), father of Johann Strauss
II, Josef Strauss, and Eduard Strauss Johann Strauss II
Johann Strauss II
(1825–1899), Austrian composer (Die Fledermaus, Blue Danube Waltz) Johann Strauss III
Johann Strauss III
(1866–1939), Austrian composer, son of Eduard Strauss Jon Strauss, former president of Harvey Mudd College Josef Strauss
Josef Strauss
(1827–1870), Austrian composer, son of Johann Strauss I Joseph Straus, German patent scholar Joseph Strauss
(other), several people, including:

Joseph Strauss (admiral)
Joseph Strauss (admiral)
(1861–1948), American admiral Joseph Strauss (engineer)
Joseph Strauss (engineer)
(1870–1938), chief engineer in the building of the Golden Gate Bridge in California

Josh Strauss (born 1986), South African rugby union player Julius Strauss, British journalist Julius Strauss (photographer) (1857–1924), American photographer Karin Straus
Karin Straus
(born 1971), Dutch politician Karl Strauss
Karl Strauss
(1912–2006), German-American master brewer and co-founder of Karl Strauss
Karl Strauss
Brewing Company Kathleen N. Straus (born 1923), American educator and politician Kim Strauss (or Kurt Strauss), actor Jacobus Gideon Nel Strauss
Jacobus Gideon Nel Strauss
(1900–1990), aka Koos Strauss, Kosie Strauss, J. G. N. Strauss, South African politician and Leader of the opposition after Jan Smuts Leo Strauss
Leo Strauss
(1899–1973), political philosopher Levi Strauss
Levi Strauss
(other), several people, including:

Levi Strauss
Levi Strauss
(1829–1902), Bavaria-born American entrepreneur and inventor of blue jeans Claude Lévi-Strauss, French anthropologist and ethnologist Dina Lévi-Strauss, French anthropologist and ethnologist, wife of the above

Lewis Strauss
Lewis Strauss
(1896–1974) American businessman and chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission Lotte Strauss (1913–1985), American pathologist after which Churg– Strauss
syndrome is named Ludwig Straus, Hungarian-Austrian violinist


Maayan Strauss (born 1983), Israeli artist Marianne Strauss (1923–1996), German Holocaust survivor Mark L. Strauss, New Testament professor Mark Strauss
(journalist), American journalist Michael W. Straus, American government official Nathan Straus
Nathan Straus
(1848–1931), German-American merchant and philanthropist Nathan Straus, Jr. (1889–1961), New York journalist and politician Neil Strauss, (born 1969) American journalist and author Nita Strauss
Nita Strauss
(born 1986), American guitarist Ofra Strauss, chief executive officer of Israeli food products manufacturer Strauss Oscar Straus (composer)
Oscar Straus (composer)
(1870–1954), Austrian composer of operettas Oscar Straus (politician), Secretary of Commerce and Labor under President Theodore Roosevelt Paul Strauss
Paul Strauss
(born 1964), politician from the District of Columbia Peter Strauss (born 1947), American actor Ralph Straus Regula
Ralph Straus Regula
(born 1924), politician from Beach City, Stark County, Ohio Ray Strauss (1927–2013), Australian cricketer Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss
(1864–1949), German composer of operas and tone poems (Salome, Also sprach Zarathustra) Richardt Strauss (born 1986), South African rugby union player representing Ireland internationally; brother of Springbok Andries Strauss
and cousin of Springbok Adriaan Strauss Robert Schwarz Strauss, American diplomat Robert Strau ß
(born 1986), German football player Robert Strauss
(actor), American actor Robert E Strauss
(born 1983), American professional wrestler using the ring name Robbie E Roger Williams Straus, Jr., co-founder of book publishers Farrar, Straus and Giroux Rolene Strauss (born 1992), Miss South Africa 2014, Miss World
Miss World
2014 Sagi Strauss (born 1976), Israeli footballer Stephen Straus
Stephen Straus
(1946–2007), American medical researcher Steven Strauss, American businessman Sylvia Straus, pianist Thomas Strau ß
(born 1953), German rower Tiaan Strauss (born 1965), South African Springbok rugby union player Victoria Strauss, fantasy author William Strauss, (1947–2007), American author, historian, playwright, lecturer and theorist William M. Straus, (born 1956), member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives Zoe Strauss, (born 1970), American photographer

Places and institutions named Strauss
or Strau ß
or Straus[edit]

Karl Strauss
Karl Strauss
Brewing Company, A San Diego-based Craft Beer Company[5] Strauss
Airfield, Airfield in Australia, named for American fighter pilot Allison W. Strauss Straus Clothing, A 136-year-old clothing retailer in North Dakota[6] Strauss
Group Ltd, a food products manufacturer in Israel Strauss, an unincorporated community in Labette County, Kansas

Fictional Strauss

Akabara Strauss, Vampire King from the manga The Record of a Fallen Vampire Artie Strauss, fictional character based on the real life murderer Richard Loeb of the infamous murder duo Leopold and Loeb Dr Arthur Strauss, fictional character who served as the original mentor of serial killer and cult leader Joe Carroll, lead character in the TV series The Following Erin Strauss, fictional FBI Section Chief played by Jayne Atkinson in the TV series Criminal Minds Hans and Greta Strauss, inspiration for the fairy tale of "Hansel and Gretel" according to the Buffy episode "Gingerbread" Judge Robert Strauss, fictional character who presided over Carrie Mathison's competency hearing in Homeland Justice Strauss, fictional character from A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket Maximilian Strauss, from the game Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines one of the Primogen in Los Angeles, representing the Tremere. Among his clan, he holds the title of Regent and supervised the local Chantry in Downtown. Mrs Strauss, an elderly client of Jimmy McGill whom he assists with estate planning in the Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul
episode titled Alpine Shepherd Boy. Roman Strauss, fictional conductor-composer from the 1991 psychological thriller Dead Again Tracy Strauss, fictional character from NBC's science fiction TV series "Heroes" by Tim Kring. The Strauss
siblings, Mirajane, Elfman, and Lisanna. All three are wizards and Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
guild members from the manga Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
by Hiro Mashima.


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