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The Cretan shrew
Cretan shrew
( Crocidura
zimmermanni) is a species of mammal in the family Soricidae. It is endemic and exclusive to the island of Crete, Greece. Its natural habitat is temperate shrubland, and the animal is threatened by habitat loss. It is found in the mountainous highlands of Crete, having been displaced from lower altitudes by the lesser white-toothed shrew ( Crocidura
suaveolens). References[edit]

^ Vohralík, V. (2008). " Crocidura
zimmermanni". The IUCN Red List
IUCN Red List
of Threatened Species. IUCN. 2008: e.T5588A11369187. doi:10.2305/IUCN.UK.2008.RLTS.T5588A11369187.en. Retrieved 8 December 2017. 

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Extant species of Soricomorpha

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Infraclass: Eutheria Superorder: Laurasiatheria

Family: Soricidae subfamily: Crocidurinae

Crocidura (White-toothed shrews)

Cyrenaica shrew
Cyrenaica shrew
(C. aleksandrisi) East African highland shrew
East African highland shrew
(C. allex) Andaman shrew
Andaman shrew
(C. andamanensis) C. annamitensis Ansell's shrew
Ansell's shrew
(C. ansellorum) Arabian shrew
Arabian shrew
(C. arabica) Jackass shrew
Jackass shrew
(C. arispa) Armenian shrew
Armenian shrew
(C. armenica) Asian gray shrew
Asian gray shrew
(C. attenuata) Hun shrew
Hun shrew
(C. attila) Bailey's shrew
Bailey's shrew
(C. baileyi) Kinabalu shrew
Kinabalu shrew
(C. baluensis) Batak shrew (C. batakorum) Bates's shrew
Bates's shrew
(C. batesi) Mindanao shrew
Mindanao shrew
(C. beatus) Beccari's shrew
Beccari's shrew
(C. beccarii) Bottego's shrew
Bottego's shrew
(C. bottegi) Bale shrew
Bale shrew
(C. bottegoides) Thick-tailed shrew
Thick-tailed shrew
(C. brunnea) Buettikofer's shrew
Buettikofer's shrew
(C. buettikoferi) African dusky shrew
African dusky shrew
(C. caliginea) Canarian shrew
Canarian shrew
(C. canariensis) Caspian shrew
Caspian shrew
(C. caspica) Cinderella shrew
Cinderella shrew
(C. cinderella) Congo white-toothed shrew
Congo white-toothed shrew
(C. congobelgica) C. cranbrooki Long-footed shrew
Long-footed shrew
(C. crenata) Crosse's shrew
Crosse's shrew
(C. crossei) Reddish-gray musk shrew
Reddish-gray musk shrew
(C. cyanea) Dent's shrew
Dent's shrew
(C. denti) Desperate shrew
Desperate shrew
(C. desperata) Dhofar shrew
Dhofar shrew
(C. dhofarensis) Long-tailed musk shrew
Long-tailed musk shrew
(C. dolichura) Doucet's musk shrew
Doucet's musk shrew
(C. douceti) Dsinezumi shrew
Dsinezumi shrew
(C. dsinezumi) Eisentraut's shrew
Eisentraut's shrew
(C. eisentrauti) Elgon shrew
Elgon shrew
(C. elgonius) Elongated shrew
Elongated shrew
(C. elongata) Heather shrew
Heather shrew
(C. erica) Fischer's shrew
Fischer's shrew
(C. fischeri) Greater red musk shrew
Greater red musk shrew
(C. flavescens) Flower's shrew
Flower's shrew
(C. floweri) Bornean shrew
Bornean shrew
(C. foetida) Fox's shrew
Fox's shrew
(C. foxi) Southeast Asian shrew
Southeast Asian shrew
(C. fuliginosa) Savanna shrew
Savanna shrew
(C. fulvastra) Smoky white-toothed shrew
Smoky white-toothed shrew
(C. fumosa) Bicolored musk shrew
Bicolored musk shrew
(C. fuscomurina) Glass's shrew
Glass's shrew
(C. glassi) Gmelin's white-toothed shrew
Gmelin's white-toothed shrew
(C. gmelini) Goliath shrew
Goliath shrew
(C. goliath) Peters's musk shrew
Peters's musk shrew
(C. gracilipes) Large-headed shrew (C. grandiceps) Greater Mindanao shrew
Mindanao shrew
(C. grandis) Grasse's shrew
Grasse's shrew
(C. grassei) Luzon shrew
Luzon shrew
(C. grayi) Greenwood's shrew
Greenwood's shrew
(C. greenwoodi) C. guy Harenna shrew
Harenna shrew
(C. harenna) C. hikmiya Hildegarde's shrew
Hildegarde's shrew
(C. hildegardeae) Hill's shrew
Hill's shrew
(C. hilliana) Lesser red musk shrew
Lesser red musk shrew
(C. hirta) Andaman spiny shrew
Andaman spiny shrew
(C. hispida) Horsfield's shrew
Horsfield's shrew
(C. horsfieldii) Hutan shrew
Hutan shrew
(C. hutanis) North African white-toothed shrew
North African white-toothed shrew
(C. ichnusae) Indochinese shrew (C. indochinensis) Jackson's shrew
Jackson's shrew
(C. jacksoni) Jenkins' shrew
Jenkins' shrew
(C. jenkinsi) Jouvenet's shrew
Jouvenet's shrew
(C. jouvenetae) Katinka's shrew
Katinka's shrew
(C. katinka) Ke Go shrew (C. kegoensis) Kivu shrew
Kivu shrew
(C. kivuana) Lamotte's shrew
Lamotte's shrew
(C. lamottei) Kivu long-haired shrew
Kivu long-haired shrew
(C. lanosa) Ussuri white-toothed shrew
Ussuri white-toothed shrew
(C. lasiura) Latona's shrew
Latona's shrew
(C. latona) Sulawesi shrew
Sulawesi shrew
(C. lea) Sumatran giant shrew
Sumatran giant shrew
(C. lepidura) Bicolored shrew
Bicolored shrew
(C. leucodon) Sulawesi tiny shrew
Sulawesi tiny shrew
(C. levicula) Butiaba naked-tailed shrew
Butiaba naked-tailed shrew
(C. littoralis) Savanna swamp shrew
Savanna swamp shrew
(C. longipes) Lucina's shrew
Lucina's shrew
(C. lucina) Ludia's shrew
Ludia's shrew
(C. ludia) Moonshine shrew
Moonshine shrew
(C. luna) Mauritanian shrew
Mauritanian shrew
(C. lusitania) MacArthur's shrew
MacArthur's shrew
(C. macarthuri) MacMillan's shrew
MacMillan's shrew
(C. macmillani) Nyiro shrew
Nyiro shrew
(C. macowi) Malayan shrew
Malayan shrew
(C. malayana) Manenguba shrew
Manenguba shrew
(C. manengubae) Makwassie musk shrew
Makwassie musk shrew
(C. maquassiensis) Swamp musk shrew
Swamp musk shrew
(C. mariquensis) Gracile naked-tailed shrew
Gracile naked-tailed shrew
(C. maurisca) Javanese shrew
Javanese shrew
(C. maxi) Mindoro shrew
Mindoro shrew
(C. mindorus) Sri Lankan long-tailed shrew
Sri Lankan long-tailed shrew
(C. miya) Kilimanjaro shrew
Kilimanjaro shrew
(C. monax) Sunda shrew
Sunda shrew
(C. monticola) Montane white-toothed shrew
Montane white-toothed shrew
(C. montis) West African long-tailed shrew
West African long-tailed shrew
(C. muricauda) Mossy forest shrew
Mossy forest shrew
(C. musseri) Ugandan musk shrew
Ugandan musk shrew
(C. mutesae) Somali dwarf shrew
Somali dwarf shrew
(C. nana) Savanna dwarf shrew
Savanna dwarf shrew
(C. nanilla) Peninsular shrew
Peninsular shrew
(C. negligens) Negros shrew
Negros shrew
(C. negrina) Nicobar shrew
Nicobar shrew
(C. nicobarica) Nigerian shrew
Nigerian shrew
(C. nigeriae) Blackish white-toothed shrew
Blackish white-toothed shrew
(C. nigricans) Black-footed shrew
Black-footed shrew
(C. nigripes) African black shrew
African black shrew
(C. nigrofusca) Nimba shrew
Nimba shrew
(C. nimbae) Niobe's shrew
Niobe's shrew
(C. niobe) West African pygmy shrew
West African pygmy shrew
(C. obscurior) African giant shrew
African giant shrew
(C. olivieri) Oriental shrew
Oriental shrew
(C. orientalis) Ryukyu shrew
Ryukyu shrew
(C. orii) Palawan shrew
Palawan shrew
(C. palawanensis) Panay shrew (C. panayensis) Sumatran long-tailed shrew
Sumatran long-tailed shrew
(C. paradoxura) Small-footed shrew
Small-footed shrew
(C. parvipes) Sahelian tiny shrew
Sahelian tiny shrew
(C. pasha) Pale gray shrew
Pale gray shrew
(C. pergrisea) Guramba shrew
Guramba shrew
(C. phaeura) C. phanluongi Phu Hoc shrew (C. phuquocensis) Cameroonian shrew
Cameroonian shrew
(C. picea) Pitman's shrew
Pitman's shrew
(C. pitmani) Flat-headed shrew
Flat-headed shrew
(C. planiceps) Fraser's musk shrew
Fraser's musk shrew
(C. poensis) Polia's shrew
Polia's shrew
(C. polia) Kashmir white-toothed shrew
Kashmir white-toothed shrew
(C. pullata) Rainey's shrew
Rainey's shrew
(C. raineyi) Negev shrew
Negev shrew
(C. ramona) Chinese white-toothed shrew
Chinese white-toothed shrew
(C. rapax) Egyptian pygmy shrew
Egyptian pygmy shrew
(C. religiosa) Sulawesi white-handed shrew
Sulawesi white-handed shrew
(C. rhoditis) Roosevelt's shrew
Roosevelt's shrew
(C. roosevelti) Greater white-toothed shrew
Greater white-toothed shrew
(C. russula) Ugandan lowland shrew
Ugandan lowland shrew
(C. selina) Lesser rock shrew
Lesser rock shrew
(C. serezkyensis) Asian lesser white-toothed shrew
Asian lesser white-toothed shrew
(C. shantungensis) Siberian shrew
Siberian shrew
(C. sibirica) Sicilian shrew
Sicilian shrew
(C. sicula) Lesser gray-brown musk shrew
Lesser gray-brown musk shrew
(C. silacea) Desert musk shrew
Desert musk shrew
(C. smithii) Sokolov's shrew (C. sokolovi) Somali shrew
Somali shrew
(C. somalica) Kahuzi swamp shrew
Kahuzi swamp shrew
(C. stenocephala) Lesser white-toothed shrew
Lesser white-toothed shrew
(C. suaveolens) Iranian shrew
Iranian shrew
(C. susiana) Tanzanian shrew
Tanzanian shrew
(C. tansaniana) Tarella shrew
Tarella shrew
(C. tarella) Saharan shrew
Saharan shrew
(C. tarfayensis) Telford's shrew
Telford's shrew
(C. telfordi) Timor shrew
Timor shrew
(C. tenuis) Thalia's shrew
Thalia's shrew
(C. thalia) Therese's shrew
Therese's shrew
(C. theresae) São Tomé shrew
São Tomé shrew
(C. thomensis) Christmas Island shrew
Christmas Island shrew
(C. trichura) Turbo shrew
Turbo shrew
(C. turba) Ultimate shrew
Ultimate shrew
(C. ultima) Usambara shrew
Usambara shrew
(C. usambarae) Savanna path shrew
Savanna path shrew
(C. viaria) Mamfe shrew
Mamfe shrew
(C. virgata) Voi shrew
Voi shrew
(C. voi) Voracious shrew
Voracious shrew
(C. vorax) Banka shrew
Banka shrew
(C. vosmaeri) Lesser Ryukyu shrew
Ryukyu shrew
(C. watasei) Whitaker's shrew
Whitaker's shrew
(C. whitakeri) Wimmer's shrew
Wimmer's shrew
(C. wimmeri) Hainan Island shrew
Hainan Island shrew
(C. wuchihensis) Xanthippe's shrew
Xanthippe's shrew
(C. xantippe) Yankari shrew
Yankari shrew
(C. yankariensis) Mikhail Zaitsev's shrew (C. zaitsevi ) Zaphir's shrew
Zaphir's shrew
(C. zaphiri) Zarudny's rock shrew
Zarudny's rock shrew
(C. zarudnyi) Upemba shrew
Upemba shrew
(C. zimmeri) Cretan shrew
Cretan shrew
(C. zimmermanni)

Family: Soricidae subfamily: Crocidurinae (continued)


Piebald shrew
Piebald shrew
(D. pulchellum)


Kelaart's long-clawed shrew
Kelaart's long-clawed shrew
(F. feroculus)

Paracrocidura (Large-headed shrews)

Grauer's large-headed shrew
Grauer's large-headed shrew
(P. graueri) Greater large-headed shrew
Greater large-headed shrew
(P. maxima) Lesser large-headed shrew
Lesser large-headed shrew
(P. schoutedeni)


Ruwenzori shrew
Ruwenzori shrew
(R. suncoides)


Hero shrew
Hero shrew
(S. somereni) Thor's hero shrew (S. thori)


Pearson's long-clawed shrew
Pearson's long-clawed shrew
(S. pearsoni)


Taita shrew
Taita shrew
(S. aequatorius) Black shrew
Black shrew
(S. ater) Day's shrew
Day's shrew
(S. dayi) Etruscan shrew
Etruscan shrew
(S. etruscus) Sri Lankan shrew
Sri Lankan shrew
(S. fellowesgordoni) Bornean pygmy shrew
Bornean pygmy shrew
(S. hosei) Least dwarf shrew
Least dwarf shrew
(S. infinitesimus) Greater dwarf shrew
Greater dwarf shrew
(S. lixus) Madagascan pygmy shrew
Madagascan pygmy shrew
(S. madagascariensis) Malayan pygmy shrew
Malayan pygmy shrew
(S. malayanus) Climbing shrew
Climbing shrew
(S. megalura) Flores shrew
Flores shrew
(S. mertensi) Asian highland shrew
Asian highland shrew
(S. montanus) Asian house shrew
Asian house shrew
(S. murinus) Remy's pygmy shrew
Remy's pygmy shrew
(S. remyi) Anderson's shrew
Anderson's shrew
(S. stoliczkanus) Lesser dwarf shrew
Lesser dwarf shrew
(S. varilla) Jungle shrew
Jungle shrew
(S. zeylanicus)

Sylvisorex (Forest shrews)

S. akaibei Cameroonian forest shrew
Cameroonian forest shrew
(S. cameruniensis) Grant's forest shrew
Grant's forest shrew
(S. granti) Howell's forest shrew
Howell's forest shrew
(S. howelli) Bioko forest shrew
Bioko forest shrew
(S. isabellae) Johnston's forest shrew
Johnston's forest shrew
(S. johnstoni) Kongana shrew
Kongana shrew
(S. konganensis) Moon forest shrew
Moon forest shrew
(S. lunaris) Mount Cameroon forest shrew
Mount Cameroon forest shrew
(S. morio) Greater forest shrew
Greater forest shrew
(S. ollula) Lesser forest shrew
Lesser forest shrew
(S. oriundus) Rain forest shrew
Rain forest shrew
(S. pluvialis) Volcano shrew
Volcano shrew
(S. vulcanorum)

Family: Soricidae subfamily: Soricinae


Anourosorex (Mole shrews)

Assam mole shrew
Assam mole shrew
(A. assamensis) Giant mole shrew
Giant mole shrew
(A. schmidi) Chinese mole shrew
Chinese mole shrew
(A. squamipes) Taiwanese mole shrew
Taiwanese mole shrew
(A. yamashinai)


Blarinella (Asiatic short-tailed shrews)

Indochinese short-tailed shrew
Indochinese short-tailed shrew
(B. griselda) Asiatic short-tailed shrew
Asiatic short-tailed shrew
(B. quadraticauda) Burmese short-tailed shrew
Burmese short-tailed shrew
(B. wardi)


Blarina (American short-tailed shrews)

Northern short-tailed shrew
Northern short-tailed shrew
(B. brevicauda) Southern short-tailed shrew
Southern short-tailed shrew
(B. carolinensis) Elliot's short-tailed shrew
Elliot's short-tailed shrew
(B. hylophaga) Everglades short-tailed shrew (B. peninsulae)

Cryptotis (Small-eared shrews)

C. mexicana group Mexican small-eared shrew
Mexican small-eared shrew
(C. mexicana) Nelson's small-eared shrew
Nelson's small-eared shrew
(C. nelsoni) Grizzled Mexican small-eared shrew
Mexican small-eared shrew
(C. obscura) Phillips' small-eared shrew
Phillips' small-eared shrew
(C. phillipsii)

C. goldmani set Central Mexican broad-clawed shrew
Central Mexican broad-clawed shrew
(C. alticola) Goldman's broad-clawed shrew
Goldman's broad-clawed shrew
(C. goldmani) Goodwin's broad-clawed shrew
Goodwin's broad-clawed shrew
(C. goodwini) Guatemalan broad-clawed shrew
Guatemalan broad-clawed shrew
(C. griseoventris) C. lacertosus C. mam Oaxacan broad-clawed shrew
Oaxacan broad-clawed shrew
(C. peregrina)

C. nigrescens group Eastern Cordillera small-footed shrew
Eastern Cordillera small-footed shrew
(C. brachyonyx) Colombian small-eared shrew
Colombian small-eared shrew
(C. colombiana) Honduran small-eared shrew
Honduran small-eared shrew
(C. hondurensis) Yucatan small-eared shrew
Yucatan small-eared shrew
(C. mayensis) Darién small-eared shrew
Darién small-eared shrew
(C. mera) Merriam's small-eared shrew
Merriam's small-eared shrew
(C. merriami) Blackish small-eared shrew
Blackish small-eared shrew
(C. nigrescens)

C. thomasi group Ecuadorian small-eared shrew
Ecuadorian small-eared shrew
(C. equatoris) Medellín small-eared shrew
Medellín small-eared shrew
(C. medellinia) Merida small-eared shrew
Merida small-eared shrew
(C. meridensis) Wandering small-eared shrew
Wandering small-eared shrew
(C. montivaga) Peruvian small-eared shrew
Peruvian small-eared shrew
(C. peruviensis) Scaly-footed small-eared shrew
Scaly-footed small-eared shrew
(C. squaipes) Tamá small-eared shrew
Tamá small-eared shrew
(C. tamensis) Thomas' small-eared shrew
Thomas' small-eared shrew
(C. thomasi)

C. parva group Central American least shrew
Central American least shrew
(C. orophila) North American least shrew
North American least shrew
(C. parva) Tropical small-eared shrew
Tropical small-eared shrew
(C. tropicalis)

Ungrouped / relict Enders's small-eared shrew
Enders's small-eared shrew
(C. endersi) Talamancan small-eared shrew
Talamancan small-eared shrew
(C. gracilis) Big Mexican small-eared shrew
Mexican small-eared shrew
(C. magna)


Chimarrogale (Asiatic water shrews)

Malayan water shrew
Malayan water shrew
(C. hantu) Himalayan water shrew
Himalayan water shrew
(C. himalayica) Bornean water shrew
Bornean water shrew
(C. phaeura) Japanese water shrew
Japanese water shrew
(C. platycephalus) Chinese water shrew
Chinese water shrew
(C. styani) Sumatran water shrew
Sumatran water shrew
(C. sumatrana)


Van Sung's shrew
Van Sung's shrew
(C. caovansunga) De Winton's shrew
De Winton's shrew
(C. hypsibia) Lamulate shrew
Lamulate shrew
(C. lamula) Lowe's shrew
Lowe's shrew
(C. parca) Pygmy brown-toothed shrew
Pygmy brown-toothed shrew
(C. parva) Salenski's shrew
Salenski's shrew
(C. salenskii) Smith's shrew
Smith's shrew
(C. smithii) Lesser Taiwanese shrew
Lesser Taiwanese shrew
(C. sodalis)


Hodgsons's brown-toothed shrew
Hodgsons's brown-toothed shrew
(E. caudatus) Taiwanese brown-toothed shrew
Taiwanese brown-toothed shrew
(E. fumidus) Long-tailed brown-toothed shrew
Long-tailed brown-toothed shrew
(E. leucops) Long-tailed mountain shrew
Long-tailed mountain shrew
(E. macrurus)


Elegant water shrew
Elegant water shrew
(N. elegans)


Mediterranean water shrew
Mediterranean water shrew
(N. anomalus) Eurasian water shrew
Eurasian water shrew
(N. fodiens) Transcaucasian water shrew
Transcaucasian water shrew
(N. teres)


Himalayan shrew
Himalayan shrew
(S. nigrescens)



Mexican shrew
Mexican shrew
(M. gigas)


Cockrum's gray shrew
Cockrum's gray shrew
(N. cockrumi) Crawford's gray shrew
Crawford's gray shrew
(N. crawfordi) Large-eared gray shrew
Large-eared gray shrew
(N. evotis) Villa's gray shrew
Villa's gray shrew
(N. villai)

Family: Soricidae subfamily: Soricinae (tribe: Soricini)

Sorex (Long-tailed shrews)

Subgenus Otisorex

Long-tailed shrew
Long-tailed shrew
(S. dispar) Smoky shrew
Smoky shrew
(S. fumeus) American pygmy shrew
American pygmy shrew
(S. hoyi) Large-toothed shrew
Large-toothed shrew
(S. macrodon) Carmen mountain shrew
Carmen mountain shrew
(S. milleri) Dwarf shrew
Dwarf shrew
(S. nanus) Mexican long-tailed shrew
Mexican long-tailed shrew
(S. oreopolus) Orizaba long-tailed shrew
Orizaba long-tailed shrew
(S. orizabae) Ornate shrew
Ornate shrew
(S. ornatus) Inyo shrew
Inyo shrew
(S. tenellus) Verapaz shrew
Verapaz shrew
(S. veraepacis)

S. vagrans complex Glacier Bay water shrew
Glacier Bay water shrew
(S. alaskanus) Baird's shrew
Baird's shrew
(S. bairdii) Marsh shrew
Marsh shrew
(S. bendirii) Montane shrew
Montane shrew
(S. monticolus) New Mexico shrew
New Mexico shrew
(S. neomexicanus) Pacific shrew
Pacific shrew
(S. pacificus) American water shrew
American water shrew
(S. palustris) Fog shrew
Fog shrew
(S. sonomae) Vagrant shrew
Vagrant shrew
(S. vagrans)

S. cinereus group Kamchatka shrew
Kamchatka shrew
(S. camtschatica) Cinereus shrew
Cinereus shrew
(S. cinereus) Prairie shrew
Prairie shrew
(S. haydeni) Saint Lawrence Island shrew
Saint Lawrence Island shrew
(S. jacksoni) Paramushir shrew
Paramushir shrew
(S. leucogaster) Southeastern shrew
Southeastern shrew
(S. longirostris) Mount Lyell shrew
Mount Lyell shrew
(S. lyelli) Portenko's shrew
Portenko's shrew
(S. portenkoi) Preble's shrew
Preble's shrew
(S. preblei) Pribilof Island shrew
Pribilof Island shrew
(S. pribilofensis) Olympic shrew
Olympic shrew
(S. rohweri) Barren ground shrew
Barren ground shrew
(S. ugyunak)

Subgenus Sorex

Dneper common shrew
Dneper common shrew
(S. averini) Lesser striped shrew
Lesser striped shrew
(S. bedfordiae) Greater stripe-backed shrew
Greater stripe-backed shrew
(S. cylindricauda) Chinese highland shrew
Chinese highland shrew
(S. excelsus) Azumi shrew
Azumi shrew
(S. hosonoi) Chinese shrew
Chinese shrew
(S. sinalis) Alaska tiny shrew
Alaska tiny shrew
(S. yukonicus)

S. alpinus group Alpine shrew
Alpine shrew
(S. alpinus) Ussuri shrew
Ussuri shrew
(S. mirabilis)

S. araneus group Valais shrew
Valais shrew
(S. antinorii) Common shrew
Common shrew
(S. araneus) Udine shrew
Udine shrew
(S. arunchi) Crowned shrew
Crowned shrew
(S. coronatus) Siberian large-toothed shrew
Siberian large-toothed shrew
(S. daphaenodon) Iberian shrew
Iberian shrew
(S. granarius) Caucasian shrew
Caucasian shrew
(S. satunini)

S. arcticus group Arctic shrew
Arctic shrew
(S. arcticus) Maritime shrew
Maritime shrew
(S. maritimensis)

S. tundrensis group Tien Shan shrew
Tien Shan shrew
(S. asper) Gansu shrew
Gansu shrew
(S. cansulus) Tundra shrew
Tundra shrew
(S. tundrensis)

S. minutus group Buchara shrew
Buchara shrew
(S. buchariensis) Kozlov's shrew
Kozlov's shrew
(S. kozlovi) Caucasian pygmy shrew
Caucasian pygmy shrew
(S. volnuchini)

S. caecutiens group Laxmann's shrew
Laxmann's shrew
(S. caecutiens) Taiga shrew
Taiga shrew
(S. isodon) Eurasian least shrew
Eurasian least shrew
(S. minutissimus) Eurasian pygmy shrew
Eurasian pygmy shrew
(S. minutus) Flat-skulled shrew
Flat-skulled shrew
(S. roboratus) Shinto shrew
Shinto shrew
(S. shinto) Long-clawed shrew
Long-clawed shrew
(S. unguiculatus)

S. gracillimus group Slender shrew
Slender shrew
(S. gracillimus)

S. raddei group Radde's shrew
Radde's shrew
(S. raddei)

S. samniticus group Apennine shrew
Apennine shrew
(S. samniticus)

incertae sedis

Arizona shrew
Arizona shrew
(S. arizonae) Zacatecas shrew
Zacatecas shrew
(S. emarginatus) Merriam's shrew
Merriam's shrew
(S. merriami) Kashmir pygmy shrew
Kashmir pygmy shrew
(S. planiceps) Saussure's shrew
Saussure's shrew
(S. saussurei) Sclater's shrew
Sclater's shrew
(S. sclateri) San Cristobal shrew
San Cristobal shrew
(S. stizodon) Tibetan shrew
Tibetan shrew
(S. thibetanus) Trowbridge's shrew
Trowbridge's shrew
(S. trowbridgii) Chestnut-bellied shrew
Chestnut-bellied shrew
(S. ventralis) Veracruz shrew
Veracruz shrew
(S. veraecrucis)

Family: Soricidae subfamily: Myosoricinae

Congosorex (Congo shrews)

Phillips's shrew (C. phillipsorum) Greater Congo shrew (C. polli) Lesser Congo shrew (C. verheyeni)

Myosorex (Mouse shrews)

Babault's mouse shrew
Babault's mouse shrew
(M. babaulti) Montane mouse shrew
Montane mouse shrew
(M. blarina) Dark-footed mouse shrew
Dark-footed mouse shrew
(M. cafer) Eisentraut's mouse shrew
Eisentraut's mouse shrew
(M. eisentrauti) Geata mouse shrew
Geata mouse shrew
(M. geata) Nyika mouse shrew (M. gnoskei) Kihaule's mouse shrew
Kihaule's mouse shrew
(M. kihaulei) Long-tailed forest shrew
Long-tailed forest shrew
(M. longicaudatus) Oku mouse shrew
Oku mouse shrew
(M. okuensis) Rumpi mouse shrew
Rumpi mouse shrew
(M. rumpii) Schaller's mouse shrew
Schaller's mouse shrew
(M. schalleri) Sclater's mouse shrew
Sclater's mouse shrew
(M. sclateri) Thin mouse shrew
Thin mouse shrew
(M. tenuis) Forest shrew (M. varius) Kilimanjaro mouse shrew
Kilimanjaro mouse shrew
(M. zinki)

Surdisorex (African mole shrews)

Aberdare mole shrew
Aberdare mole shrew
(S. norae) Mount Kenya mole shrew
Mount Kenya mole shrew
(S. polulus)

Family: Talpidae

Scalopinae (New World moles and relatives)


Star-nosed mole
Star-nosed mole
(C. cristata)


Hairy-tailed mole
Hairy-tailed mole
(P. breweri)


Eastern mole
Eastern mole
(S. aquaticus)


Gansu mole
Gansu mole
(S. oweni)

Scapanus (Western North American moles)

Broad-footed mole
Broad-footed mole
(S. latimanus) Coast mole
Coast mole
(S. orarius) Townsend's mole
Townsend's mole
(S. townsendii)

Talpinae (Old World moles and relatives)


Greater Chinese mole
Greater Chinese mole
(E. grandis) Kloss's mole
Kloss's mole
(E. klossi) Long-nosed mole
Long-nosed mole
(E. longirostris) Himalayan mole
Himalayan mole
(E. micrura) Japanese mountain mole
Japanese mountain mole
(E. mizura) Small-toothed mole
Small-toothed mole
(E. parvidens) E. subanura


Echigo mole
Echigo mole
(M. etigo) Insular mole
Insular mole
(M. insularis) Kano mole (M. kanoana) Kobe mole
Kobe mole
(M. kobeae) Small Japanese mole
Small Japanese mole
(M. imaizumii) Large mole
Large mole
(M. robusta) Sado mole
Sado mole
(M. tokudae) Japanese mole
Japanese mole
(M. wogura) Senkaku mole
Senkaku mole
(M. uchidai)


White-tailed mole
White-tailed mole
(P. leucura)


Short-faced mole
Short-faced mole
(S. moschatus)


Altai mole
Altai mole
(T. altaica) Blind mole
Blind mole
(T. caeca) Caucasian mole
Caucasian mole
(T. caucasica) European mole
European mole
(T. europaea) Père David's mole
Père David's mole
(T. davidiana) Levant mole
Levant mole
(T. levantis) Spanish mole
Spanish mole
(T. occidentalis) Roman mole
Roman mole
(T. romana) Balkan mole
Balkan mole
(T. stankovici)


Long-tailed mole
Long-tailed mole
(S. fusicaudus)


Russian desman
Russian desman
(D. moschata)


Pyrenean desman
Pyrenean desman
(G. pyrenaicus)


True's shrew mole
True's shrew mole
(D. pilirostris)


Japanese shrew mole
Japanese shrew mole
(U. talpoides)


American shrew mole
American shrew mole
(N. gibbsii)

Uropsilinae (Chinese shrew-like moles)


Equivalent teeth shrew mole (U. aequodonenia) Anderson's shrew
Anderson's shrew
mole (U. andersoni) Gracile shrew mole
Gracile shrew mole
(U. gracilis) Inquisitive shrew mole
Inquisitive shrew mole
(U. investigator) Chinese shrew
Chinese shrew
mole (U. soricipes)

Family: Solenodontidae


Cuban solenodon
Cuban solenodon
(S. cubanus) Hispaniolan solenodon
Hispaniolan solenodon
(S. paradoxus)

Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q305635 ADW: Crocidura_zimmermanni EoL: 1178893 Fauna Europaea: 305479 GBIF: 2435665 ITIS: 633703 IUCN: 5588 MSW: 13700251 NCBI: 387912

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