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Chuck is a masculine given name or a nickname for Charles. It may refer to:


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People[edit] Arts and entertainment[edit]

Chuck Barris (1929-2017), American TV producer Chuck Berry (1926-2017), American rock and roll musician Chuck Brown (1936–2012), American guitarist and singer Chuck Close (born 1940), American painter and photographer Chuck Comeau (born 1979), Canadian drummer Chuck D (born 1960), stage name of Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, American rapper Chuck Garric, rock bassist of Alice Cooper. Chuck Jones (1912–2002), American animator, screenwriter, producer, and director of animated films Chuck Leavell (born 1952), American pianist and keyboardist Chuck Lorre (born 1952), American television writer, director, producer, composer, and production manager Chuck Mangione (born 1940), American flugelhorn player and composer Chuck Norris (born 1940), American martial artist, actor and media personality Chuck Palahniuk (born 1962), American novelist and freelance journalist Chuck Schuldiner (1967–2001), American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Chuck Traynor (1937-2002), American pornographer Chuck Walker, American historian Chuck Willis (1928–58), American blues singer and songwriter Chuck Woolery (born 1941), American actor, singer and game show host


Chuck Bennett (1907–1973), American football player and coach Chuck Carney (1900–1984), American football and basketball player Chuck Clements (born 1973), American football player Chuck Detwiler (born 1947), American football player Chuck Dressen (1898–1966), an American third baseman, manager and coach in professional baseball Chuck Drulis (1918–1972), American football player and coach Chuck Ealey (born 1950), former American Canadian football player Chuck Fusina (born 1957), former American college and professional football player Chuck Gelatka (1914–2001), American football player Chuck Hutchison (born 1948), American football player Chuck Lanza (born 1964), American football player Chuck Liddell (born 1969), American mixed martial artist and former UFC champion Chuck Long (born 1963), American football coach Chuck McKinley (1941–1986), American men’s amateur tennis player Chuck Osborne (American football) (1973–2012), American football player Chuck Taylor (salesman) (1901–1969), American basketball player and shoe salesman/evangelist Chuck Wepner (born 1939), American heavyweight boxer Chuck Weatherspoon (born 1968), American football player


Chuck Fager (born 1942), American activist, author, editor, publisher, and prominent member of the Religious Society of Friends Chuck Grassley (born 1933), senior United States Senator from Iowa, serving since 1981 Chuck Hagel (born 1946), United States Secretary of Defense, February 27, 2013 to February 13, 2015. Chuck Kleckley (born 1960), businessman and politician in Louisiana Chuck Schumer (born 1950), politician, and senior United States Senator from New York, serving since 1999


Chuck Hull (born 1939), inventor of 3D printing Chuck Testa (born 1956), American taxidermist Chuck Yeager (born 1923), a retired brigadier general in the United States Air Force and record-setting test pilot

Fictional characters[edit]

Chuck E. Cheese, Anthropomorphic restaurant mascot Chuck Bartowski, main character of the American television show Chuck Chuck (Pokémon), a character in the Pokémon universe Chuck, a character from Kodomo no Jikan, a Japanese manga series Chuck, a character from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, a Japanese anime television series Chuck Greene, protagonist of Dead Rising 2 Chuck (Stargate), a character from the Stargate television series Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, a character from the television series Pushing Daisies Chuck Bass, a character from the television series Gossip Girl Chuck, a male, triangular-shaped yellow canary in the Angry Birds games. Chuck Cunningham, a character from the sitcom Happy Days Chuck Chambers, a character from iCarly Chuck McCoy, a character from Austin & Ally Chuck Billy (Chuck Billy 'n' Folks), a character from Monica's Gang and Chuck Billy 'n' Folks


Chuck (engineering), a clamp which holds a removable part ChucK, an audio programming language Chuck (film), US biographical sports drama (2016) Chuck (Chuck Berry album), the final studio album by American rock and roll guitarist Chuck Berry, released in 2017 Chuck (Sum 41 album), the third studio album from Canadian rock band Sum 41 Chuck (TV series), US TV action-comedy/spy-drama series (2007–12) Chuck or woodchuck, vernacular names of the groundhog Chuck, a name for the BSD Daemon mascot

See also[edit]

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