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Arthur Kent White
Arthur Kent White
(March 15, 1889 – September 16, 1981) was a bishop, and the general superintendent of the Pillar of Fire Church
Pillar of Fire Church
in Zarephath, New Jersey
Zarephath, New Jersey
and the president of Belleview College.[1][2][3] The church was started by his mother, Alma Bridwell
Alma Bridwell
White, in Denver, Colorado.[4][5][6]


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Biography[edit] He was born in Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado
in 1889 to Alma Bridwell
Alma Bridwell
and Kent White (1860–1940), and he had a brother, Ray Bridwell White.[7] Arthur attended and graduated from Columbia University
Columbia University
with an A.B. in 1915.[8] He later attended and graduated from Princeton University, and he received an honorary Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Divinity
from Alma White
Alma White
College in 1927.[5][9] He married Kathleen Merrell White
Kathleen Merrell White
in 1914,[2] and had the following children: Arlene White (1916–1990), who married Jerry Lawrence, and was a bishop at Zarephath, New Jersey; Horace White (b. 1920), who lived in California; Constance White (b. 1924); and Pauline White (b. 1927), who married Robert Barney Dallenbach, in Denver, Colorado.[5] White was president of Alma White College
Alma White College
from 1921 to 1971. He became president of Belleview College
Belleview College
and then director of the Alma Bible College in London. He also headed the Pillar of Fire missions in Liberia. He wrote at least seven books. His wife died on April 1, 1973 and he remarried.[5] He died on September 16, 1981 at his home in Zarephath, New Jersey.[5] Publications[edit]

Pillar of Fire Praises (1910) with Alma White
Alma White
and Lillian O. Bridwell The Harp of Gold (1911) with Alma White A Toppling Idol - evolution (1933) The Boys Made Good and Other Sermons (1936) reprinted in 1952 Cross & Crown Hymnal: Pillar of Fire Church
Pillar of Fire Church
(1943) Introduction to Guardians of Liberty: Volumes Two and Three (1943) Some White Family History (1948) Protestant Ideals (1951) Your Alabaster Box and Other Sermons (1961) Crusading Christian Women (1963)

Quotes[edit] From his introduction to Guardians of Liberty, Vol. II, 1943 by Bishop Alma White:

Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, so vicious and Machiavellian in character, plainly told a stupid world what he intended to do, and Rome, through her many pronouncements, encyclical letters, and preachments, has declared in unmistakable terms her prerogatives, boasting the right to rule over the souls of men, not only in the church, but in the state.

Mother quotes again and again from the authenticated Roman Catholic sources. She feels her mission is to inform a Liberty-loving people of hierarchical purposes and ambition. Totalitarianism never originated with an Austrian peasant; it is centuries old. The most foolish thing that we can do is to take liberty for granted. Just as the human body must constantly contend with disease germs from the cradle to the grave, so liberty must wage a constant, everlasting battle against the foes that would destroy it.

If the author is plain-spoken, if she goes direct to the point, if she does not hedge, anyone who reads these lectures, who takes the time to study the authorities quoted, will most certainly be convinced that she has ample reasons to call a spade a spade, for the reasons have arisen, not through prejudice or bigotry, but from Rome’s own official statements and established dogmas.

We cannot afford to sleep. Our safety lies in keeping informed and in eternal vigilance. Every truth-loving citizen should take the time and trouble to learn the facts and pledge himself to be an un-swerving, uncompromising, untiring, 100-per cent Protestant, and a faithful “Guardian of Liberty.”

"Guardian of Liberty" was a euphemism for a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

From The Good Citizen
The Good Citizen
1923. Bishop
White uses what he calls the “privilege” of slavery to help illustrate his argument that when some liberties are granted, other liberties are often lost:

At one time in our national history the holding of slaves was permissible under the laws. The abuse of this privilege began seriously to menace the peace of the entire country. Though many plausible arguments were presented by a minority on the subject of personal liberty for our white citizenry, and Biblical ones, even, for the continuance of the old regime, slavery was nevertheless abolished.


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Arthur K. White, president and general superintendent of the Pillar of Fire Church
Pillar of Fire Church
in Zarephath, New Jersey, died Monday at his home in Zarephath. He was 92 years old. ... He was president of Alma White College from 1921 to 1971 and received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree there.  ^ " Bishop
Alma White, Preacher, Author. Founder Of Pillar Of Fire Dies At 84. Established Several Schools And Colleges". Associated Press
Associated Press
in the New York Times. June 27, 1946. Retrieved 2007-07-21. Bishop
Alma White, founder of the Pillar of Fire Church
Pillar of Fire Church
and author of thirty-five religious tracts and some 200 hymns, died here today at the headquarters of the religious group at near-by Zarephath. Her age was 84.  ^ "Ray Bridwell White. Pillar of Fire Church
Pillar of Fire Church
Leader, Son of Late Bishop, Dies". New York Times. November 6, 1946. Retrieved 2007-07-21.  ^ Catalogue. Princeton University. 1922. Retrieved 2009-04-29. Arthur Kent White, AB Columbia University, 1915. English. Ray Bridwell White, AB Columbia University, 1917. English.  ^ "Zarepath Colony Institution in New Jersey Confers High Honors for First Time". New York Times. June 19, 1927. Retrieved 2009-07-06. For the first time in its history Alma College, at Zarepath, near Bound Brook, N.J., conferred the degree of Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Divinity
during its commencement exercises, which took place last week. 

Preceded by Alma Bridwell
Alma Bridwell
White Superintendent of Pillar of Fire Church 1946-1981 Succeeded by Arlene White Lawrence

Preceded by Ray Bridwell White President of Belleview College - Succeeded by -

Preceded by N/A President of Alma White
Alma White
College 1921-1971 Succeeded by -

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General Superintendents of the Pillar of Fire Church

Alma Bridwell White
Alma Bridwell White
(1901-1946) Arthur Kent White
Arthur Kent White
(1946-1981) Arlene White Lawrence
Arlene White Lawrence
(1981-1984) Donald Justin Wolfram (1984-2000) Robert Barney Dallenbach (2000-2008) Joseph Gross (2008-present)

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