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The Amerasia Basin (or Amerasian Basin) is one of the two major basins into which the North Polar Basin of the Arctic Ocean is split by the Lomonosov Ridge (the other one being the Eurasian Basin). It extends from Ellesmere Island to the East Siberian Sea. It is further subdivided by ridges into the Canada Basin (between Alaska/Canada and the Alpha Ridge) and Makarov Basin (between the Alpha and Lomonosov Ridges). The Canada Basin is connected to the Pacific Ocean via the Bering Strait. The continental shelf around the Amerasia Basin is very broad, averaging up to 342 mi.[1] References[edit]

^ Physical characteristics of the Arctic. The Amerasian Basin is also the Second Largest under ocean basin.

Coordinates: 81°N 160°E / 81°N 160°E / 81; 160

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